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Posts tagged as “Liberty”

Foundations of a Free Society

Freedom creates prosperity. It unleashes human talent, invention and innovation, creating wealth where none existed before, writes Eamonn Butler of the Adam Smith Institute.

The broken window fallacy revisited

David M. Hart, Ph.D., who is Director of the Online Library of Liberty Project at the Liberty Fund, spoke in Wichita on the topic "Bastiat's Lessons for the 21st Century: The Broken Window Fallacy Revisited (again and again)."

WichitaLiberty.TV: Kansas school finance and reform, Charles Koch on why he fights for liberty

The Kansas legislature passed a school finance bill that contains reform measures that the education establishment doesn’t want. In response, our state’s newspapers uniformly support the system rather than Kansas schoolchildren. Then, in the Wall Street Journal Charles Koch explains why liberty is important, and why he’s fighting for that.

What type of watchdog are you?

To help citizens become government watchdogs, the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity is providing a new resource. It's the Watchdog Quiz, and it will help you discover what type of role you will want to fill as a government watchdog.

Duck Dynasty and the secular theocracy

David Theroux analyzes the "Duck Dynasty" controversy and lets us know what it means for the state of America and religious beliefs.

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