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Posts published in “Open records”

Assistance needed in obtaining records from a government agency

I am writing to ask your assistance in obtaining records from a government agency. Specifically, I asked Go Wichita Convention and Tourism Bureau for a copy of a contract the organization recently formed with an external entity.

Kansas Open Records Act reform possible

A committee of the Kansas house of Representatives will consider a bill that would make small but welcome reforms to the Kansas Open Records Act.

Open records in Kansas

Kansas has a weak open records law. Wichita doesn't want to follow the law, as weak as it is.

Who is Richard Windsor?

Government officials using secret email accounts to conduct official business is a serious problem.

In Wichita, failure to value open records and open government

On the KAKE Television public affairs program "This Week in Kansas" the failure of the Wichita City Council, especially council member Pete Meitzner, to recognize the value of open records and open government is discussed.

Wichita, again, fails at open government

The Wichita City Council, when presented with an opportunity to increase the ability of citizens to observe the workings of the government they pay for, decided against the cause of open government, preferring to keep the spending of taxpayer money a secret.

Open records again an issue in Kansas

Responses to records requests made by Kansas Policy Institute are bringing attention to shortcomings in the Kansas Open Records Act.

Kansas rates low in access to records

A report by State Integrity Investigation provides detail on the weakness in the application of the Kansas Open Records Act.

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