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David Burk, Wichita developer, overreaches

Today's Wichita Eagle contains a story about a well-known Wichita real estate developer that, while shocking, shouldn't really be all that unexpected.

The opening sentence of the article (Developer appealed taxes on city-owned property) tells us most of what we need to know: "Downtown Wichita's leading developer, David Burk, represented himself as an agent of the city -- without the city's knowledge or consent -- to cut his taxes on publicly owned property he leases in the Old Town Cinema Plaza, according to court records and the city attorney."

Some might say it's not surprising that Burk represented himself in the way the Eagle article reports. When a person's been on the receiving end of so much city hall largess, it's an occupational hazard.

Old Town Cinema TIF update

The City of Wichita Department of Fiance has prepared an update on the financial performance of the Old Town Cinema Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District. There's not much good news in this document.

Curious Wichita ethics enigmas

Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer's decisions regarding government ethics are inconsistent.

Wichita performs a reference check, sort of

Citizens of Wichita are rightly concerned about whether our elected officials and bureaucrats are looking out for their interests, or only for the interests and welfare of a small group of city hall insiders.

Concern over state office building decision politics

Speculation that politics might influence a decision over the location of State of Kansas offices is amusing, given that one of the players has a history of awarding campaign contributors and friends

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