10 thoughts on “Wichita school board meeting: Not for the public”

  1. I disagree with you on other matters, but have to agree with you here. This was not handled well by the board chair. And thank you for posting this video.

  2. Betty Arnold is in a real power trip. She has to understand that we live in America, not Iran or North Korea. The people have the right to speak…it is called democracy. This woman needs to be recalled and certainly not re-elected.

  3. I remember years ago when the school board candidates were actually vetted by the media and there was much more awareness of the issues. The media in Wichita is either dead or in agreement with the problems and issues plaguing our community today.

  4. Hi, with respect to the USD 259 school closings, I understand that the buildings are old, but I would guess that there were kids attending those schools, living in those neighborhoods. I also know that the district has grown geographically. Logically, the schools being closed could have been replaced, not closed. Why weren’t they?


  5. The Wichita City Council has met its match in rudeness i.e. USD 259 school board!

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