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Kansas law requires Wichita to hold another public hearing

Recently, the Wichita city council passed a resolution announcing a public hearing on a TIF district and its project plan. The city then, on the day before the hearing, substantially changed the plan. This change means that the city must hold another public hearing.

“Thank You, Wichita Eagle”

Mustering all the sarcasm she can, Sharon Fearey says “Thank you, Wichita Eagle.” Speaking from the bench at the December 16, 2008 meeting of the…

Wichita City Council: Put better procedures in place before proceeding

Mr. Mayor and members of the council, developments surrounding the Renaissance Square project in the C.O.R.E. Redevelopment District are unfolding so rapidly that we need to step back and think about the wisdom of proceeding with the current plans. As things stand now, citizens can have little confidence in this project and the way the city has handled it.

Wichita Public Hearing Action Not Evidence of Leadership

In an op-ed piece in Sunday's Wichita Eagle, Interim Wichita City Manager Scott Moore makes the case that "the [Wichita city] council's Dec. 2 vote demonstrated leadership and an ability to respond decisively to urgent community matters after appropriate public deliberations."

Wichita’s Faulty Due Diligence

In the Wichita city council meeting on December 2, 2008, council member Jim Skelton questioned Allen Bell, Wichita's director of urban development, about developers the city is considering working with on a TIF district. Specifically, Skelton asked if there was anything in the backgound of the developers that the council should be concerned about. Bell referred specifically to Grant Gaudreau, naming him as the "principal developer." He said that the matters in Gaudreau's past had been "resolved," and had "no bearing" on this project.

Wichita and Sedgwick County Agenda Deadlines Are Too Short

Both the City of Wichita and Sedgwick County have policies that limit citizens' ability to address these bodies on timely matters. Each body requires, effectively, at least one week notice to appear on the public agenda. That's the part of the meeting where citizens can speak about any topic, not just those matters that are being considered that day.

Randy Brown: Reopen Downtown Wichita Arena TIF Public Hearing

In a letter in yesterday's Wichita Eagle, Randy Brown comments on my recent op-ed piece in the same newspaper. He is senior fellow at the Elliott School of Communication at Wichita State University, and also the executive director of the Kansas Sunshine Coalition for Open Government. He's done a lot to promote openness and transparency in government. His experience as an editorial writer for the Wichita Eagle shows in his use of vividly descriptive language like "under cover of Monday evening's darkness" and "aggravated assault on its spirit." I wish I could write like that.

Downtown Wichita Arena TIF District Testimony

At the December 2, 2008 meeting of the Wichita City Council, John Todd and I testified against the expansion of the Center City South Redevelopment…

Jim Skelton is Frustrated

At yesterday’s meeting of the Wichita City Council, council member Jim Skelton expressed his frustration with last-minute additions to the plan for the Center City…

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