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WichitaLiberty.TV February 16, 2014

The controversy surrounding the residence of a long-time senator from Kansas raises issues of term limits and the ability of citizens to exercise the power of initiative and referendum. Then, the seen and the unseen applied to economic development in Wichita, and why do we rely on certain experts.

Stopping crony capitalism

Voters in Wichita, Kansas, went to the polls, Tuesday, to smash a measure that would have forked over $2.25 million in tax rebates to a downtown hotel project. Those supporting the giveaway spent $300,000 to promote the deal, while opponents ponied up a scant $30,000 against it. The vote nevertheless strongly weighed against the big money, 62 to 38 percent.

Kansas and Wichita quick takes: Monday October 11, 2010

Today: Education, Initiative and referendum, Jerry Moran, Kansas fourth district, Kris Kobach, Mark Parkinson, Raj Goyle, Regulation, Rhonda Holman, Sam Brownback, School choice, and Wichita Pachyderm Club.

Oklahoma tinkers with petition law; Kansas has none

Sometimes we in Kansas like to poke fun at our neighbors to the south in Oklahoma. I'm sure they do the same to us.

But one way in which Oklahoma has Kansas beat is in Oklahoma citizens' ability to petition their government through the process of initiative and referendum.

It's not possible to do this in Kansas, at least for our state government.

Democracy thrives as Ballotpedia surpasses the 10 million page views milestone

When Americans went to the polls in November and continued casting ballots during the 2009 off-year elections, they turned to Ballotpedia ( to get objective information about candidates and ballot initiatives. The California pages pertaining to Proposition 8 and the more recent ballot measures alone garnered more than 1.3 million page views. That is why the Ballotpedia community is celebrating its 10 millionth page view.

Still Oklahoma’s most wanted

A Wall Street Journal editorial explains the recent development in the case of Paul Jacob and two others in Oklahoma. This case is of interest for a few reasons.

First, I know and like Paul Jacob. He's been at the forefront of the fight for term limits. The Oklahoma case stems from his advocacy of initiative and referendum, something we don't have in Kansas.

Kansas Lags in Initiative and Referendum

On Saturday I traveled to Oklahoma City to attend “Reforming the Reform Process: How to Restore Oklahoma’s Initiative.” What I learned is that Oklahomans are…

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