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Another Misleading Question by GPACE

Yesterday we saw how the website of the Great Plains Alliance for Clean Energy contains a list of ten questions for Sunflower supporters. My post…

GPACE “Sunflower” Questions Misleading

The website of the Great Plains Alliance for Clean Energy contains a list of ten questions for Sunflower supporters. (It seems if you’re an environmentalist,…

Rasmussen Poll on Kansas Coal Plant

What is the attitude of Kansans toward coal-fired power plants? Opponents of these plants have polls purportedly telling us that a majority of Kansans are…

Kansas Blog Roundup for May 30, 2008

Abortion politics were at the forefront in Kansas this week. Robert Novak's column about Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius (A Pro-Choicer's Dream Veep as printed in the Washington Post) revealed some previously-unknown information about the relationship between her and the notorious late-term abortion provider Dr. George Tiller of Wichita. The KRA comments and links to Novak's column: Novak: A Vice-President of Abortion.

The Energy Policy Goals of Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius

The Kansas Meadowlark gets it just right in this quote from a recent article: "Unfortunately Sebelius' energy policy is more about winning elections than solving long-term energy problems."

Most Kansans realize that Kathleen Sebelius' national ambitions are more important to her than the good governance of the State of Kansas. Her policy switch on the desirability of coal-fired power plants in Kansas helps her nationally, but hurts us here in Kansas.

The Meadowlark's full story is here: GPACE PAC/Sebelius only want unreliable energy sources for Kansas?

Kansas Blog Roundup for May 16, 2008

Kansas Education has a post promoting a new report about early childhood education issued by the Flint Hills Center for Public Policy. An excerpt: "As appealing as the logic of universal pre-K may be, there’s a final reason to cast a critical eye on it: putting all or even a majority of very young children into government-run programs threatens the balance of responsibilities among important institutions such as family, religion, business, and government. Some level of government is required, but too much distorts a society." The post is here: Plato’s Republic on the Plains.

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