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Don’t forfeit Kansas’ economic future to the United Nations

The global warming debate is at a crossroads. With a skeptical American public already rising up against a cap-and-trade scheme that would send energy prices through the roof, a whistleblower at the influential Climate Research Unit revealing that the temperature data used to make the case for global warming was badly manipulated, predictions of yet another cold winter, and the fact it has been nearly a decade since global temperatures stopped rising.

Copenhagen to Wichita, lunch provided

As part AFP’s ongoing Hot Air Tour, we will be hosting a viewing party in Wichita at the Hyatt Regency Hotel and in Overland Park at the Doubletree Hotel of our Simulcast live from Copenhagen on the same day the President is there to make sure that the truth is told.

Kansas news digest

News from alternative media around Kansas for December 7, 2009.

Kansas news digest

News from alternative media around Kansas for November 16, 2009.

Here’s how to maybe solve global warming

One of the problems in the global warming debate is that the warmists advocate a solution that's very painful: moving away from fossil fuels. Alternatives are not mentioned or considered.

A reason for this is that the war on fossil fuels is a thinly disguised war on capitalism and human economic freedom. That's a big reason why environmental extremists don't want to consider other solutions. If they can save the earth and kill capitalism and humanity at the same time, this false crisis has surely not been wasted, then.

Kansas news digest

News from alternative media around Kansas for October 19, 2009.

Kansas should not repeat Europe’s mistakes

Not for the first time, the prosperity of thousands of Kansans rests in the hands of politicians more than 1,000 miles removed in Washington, D.C. In the next few weeks politicians will decide whether to embrace the hype about manmade "climate change" and impose a costly global warming tax to address it.

Some Americans believe the country needs to adopt more "European" policies such as "cap and trade" which would ration the use of fossil fuels and drastically push up energy prices. But many other Americans fear the legislation now before the Senate will spell an end to the American dream.

Cap-and-trade admitted to be tax

Thinking people have known this all along, and now we know that the Treasury Department believes that proposed cap-and-trade legislation -- the Waxman-Markey bill -- is really a tax in disguise.

Waxman-Markey costly, ineffective

The Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade legislation that is working its way through Congress is ineffective in its stated goal, and will harm the American economy.

The goal of this bill is to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere, thereby reducing the threat of global warming. The amount of temperature reduction Waxman-Markey might produce is a matter of dispute, but most sources cite a decrease so small that it will be difficult to measure it. Its effect could easily be overwhelmed by something else over which we have no control.

Global warming testimony released

In May, Wichita geophysicist Dennis Hedke traveled to Arlington, Virginia to deliver testimony at a public hearing conducted by the Environmental protection Agency, or EPA. Now Hedke has released the document that he delivered to the EPA. You can read it in its entirety at the end of this article. Here are some highlights.

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