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Wichita not good for small business

When it comes to having good conditions to support small businesses, well, Wichita isn’t exactly at the top of the list, according to a new ranking from The Business Journals.

For Wichita’s economic development machinery, failure

Compared to a broad group of peer metropolitan areas, Wichita performs very poorly. As Wichita embarks upon a new era of economic development, we need to ask who to trust with this important task.

Wichita’s policymaking on display

Wichita and its leaders want its citizens to trust their government. But in order to gain that trust, the city needs to avoid episodes like this.

Wichita: No such document

When asked to provide documents that establish the city's proclaimed policy, Wichita city hall is not able to do so, leaving us to wonder just how policy is made.

Wichita economic development and the election

As Wichitans decide their preference for city council members, voters should take a look at the numbers and decide whether they're satisfied with our city's performance in economic development.

Wichita economic development solution, postponed

Wichita leaders have identified what they believe is a solution to economic development, but have not implemented that solution effectively, in their own words.

Wichita revises economic development policy

The City of Wichita has passed a revision to its economic development policies. Instead of promoting economic freedom and a free-market approach, the new policy gives greater power to city bureaucrats and politicians, and is unlikely to produce the economic development that Wichita needs.

Wichita city council: substance and process

The Wichita City Council and city hall bureaucrats have shown that they are willing to follow the letter of the law, but following the spirit and substance of the law, especially regarding public hearings and citizen involvement, remains a challenge for the city.

At Wichita City Council, facts are in dispute

Some Wichita City Council members, including Mayor Carl Brewer, criticize citizens for their use of inaccurate and misleading information. So how do the statements made by council members fare when subjected to scrutiny?

For Wichita’s Project Downtown, goal keeps slipping

In selling a plan for the revitalization of downtown Wichita, promoters started with a promise of much private investment for just a little public investment. But as the plan proceeded, the goal kept slipping, and the first project to be approved under the final plan will probably not come close to meeting even the modest goals set by the Wichita City Council.

Wichita City Council bows to special interests

Yesterday's meeting of the Wichita City Council revealed a council -- except for one member -- totally captured by special interests, to the point where the council, aided by city staff, used a narrow legal interpretation in order to circumvent a statutorily required public hearing process.

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