Introducing Quick Takes

I’d like to introduce you to Quick Takes, a subsidiary of Voice for Liberty in Wichita. It’s located at

At Quick Takes I’ll post short articles: referring you to news and articles I think are important (for good or bad), brief commentary, videos, charts, tables, cartoons, etc.

Keep up with Quick Takes by following my twitter feed at @bob_weeks or the rss feed at Send tips to me by email at [email protected].

2 thoughts on “Introducing Quick Takes”

  1. It is nice to finally have someone writing about what really goes on with the local politicians instead of just the spin the Wichita Eagle and Derby Informer puts on these issues. Hopefully you will keep picking up subscribers so people can stay informed.



  2. Bob,
    Thank you again for keeping us informed;can’t imagine how many hours you spend working on Wichita Liberty,and now Quick Takes! My #1 read when I check e-mail!

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