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WichitaLiberty.TV set 2015-08-27 12.41.55WichitaLiberty.TV, your weekly source for news, analysis, and commentary about Wichita and Kansas government and public affairs. Broadcast on Great Plains Television KGPT channel 26.1. The motto is individual liberty, limited government, economic freedom, and free markets in Wichita and Kansas. If you’d like to learn more about the issues covered or to contact the host, please visit wichitaliberty.org.

WichitaLiberty.TV is broadcast Sundays on KGPT TV channel 26.1 (AT&T U-Verse 49) at 8:30 am and repeated at 4:30 pm.

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Being safe online
Dave Cunningham of Flint Hills Group joins Bob Weeks and Karl Peterjohn to discuss online threats and how to remain safe. View here. Episode 158, broadcast July 16, 2017
John Todd and Wichita issues
John Todd joins Bob Weeks and Karl Peterjohn to discuss issues involving the City of Wichita, including the future of Naftzger Park and economic development. View here. Episode 157, broadcast July 9, 2017
Kansas Representative Susan Humphries
Kansas Representative Susan Humphries joins Bob Weeks and Karl Peterjohn to discuss issues in the Kansas Legislature. Humphries represents District 99 in far east Wichita and Andover, and just completed her first term. View here. Episode 156, broadcast July 2, 2017
Kansas Representative Leo Delperdang
Kansas Representative Leo Delperdang joins Bob Weeks and Karl Peterjohn to discuss issues in the Kansas Legislature. Delperdang represents District 94 in west Wichita. View here. Episode 155, broadcast June 25, 2017
David Schneider on Convention of States
David Schneider of Citizens for Self-Governance joins Bob Weeks and Karl Peterjohn to explain the Convention of States project. View here. Episode 154, broadcast June 18, 2017
James Franko, Kansas Policy Institute
James Franko of Kansas Policy Institute joins Bob Weeks and Karl Peterjohn. Topics are the new Kansas school finance bill and the new tax bill. View here. Episode 153, broadcast June 11, 2017.
Author Shari Howard McMinn
Author and former Wichitan Shari Howard McMinn discusses her new book on adoption and her experiences with homeschooling. View here. Episode 152, broadcast June 4, 2017.
Radio Host Andy Hooser
Radio talk show host Andy Hooser joins Bob Weeks to discuss millennials, issues in Kansas state government, and the Donald Trump Presidency. View here. Episode 151, broadcast May 21, 2017.
Sedgwick County Commissioner Richard Ranzau
Sedgwick County Commissioner Richard Ranzau joins Bob Weeks and Karl Peterjohn to discuss current issues in Sedgwick County government. View here. Episode 150, broadcast May 7, 2017.
Kansas Policy Institute President Dave Trabert
Kansas Policy Institute Dave Trabert joins Bob Weeks and Karl Peterjohn to discuss the Kansas economy, budget, and schools. View here. Episode 149, broadcast April 30, 2017.
The Sentinel’s Danedri Herbert
Danedri Herbert of The Sentinel joins Bob Weeks and Karl Peterjohn to discuss news reporting and politics in Kansas. View here. Episode 148, broadcast April 23, 2017.
Kansas Senator Ty Masterson
Kansas Senator Ty Masterson joins Bob Weeks and Karl Peterjohn to discuss legislative issues and politics. View here. Episode 147, broadcast April 16, 2017.
Health care in Kansas and taxes in Sedgwick County
Bob Weeks and Karl Peterjohn discuss health care in Kansas and taxes in Sedgwick County. View here. Episode 146, broadcast April 9, 2017.
The regulatory and administrative state
Fred L. Smith, Jr. is the founder of the Competitive Enterprise Institute. He explains the problems with excessive regulation and a large administrative state. View here. Episode 145, broadcast April 2, 2017.
Ben Jones in the death penalty in Kansas
Ben Jones of Equal Justice USA and Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty explains issues surrounding the death penalty. View here. Episode 144, broadcast March 26, 2017.
Keen Umbehr on criminal justice reform
Keen Umbehr is a criminal defense attorney. He talks about reforms needed in the criminal justice system. View here. Episode 143, broadcast March 19, 2017.
Kansas Director of Budget Shawn Sullivan
Kansas Director of Budget Shawn Sullivan joins Karl Peterjohn and Bob Weeks to explain issues related to the Kansas budget. View here. Episode 142, broadcast March 12, 2017.
James Franko of Kansas Policy Institute
James Franko of Kansas Policy Institute joins Bob Weeks and Karl Peterjohn to discuss education in Kansas and the state budget. View here. Episode 141, broadcast March 5, 2017.
Dr. James Otteson on capitalism
Dr. James Otteson is executive director of the BB&T Center for the Study of Capitalism, the Thomas W. Smith Presidential Chair in Business Ethics, and Professor of Economics at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. View here. Episode 140, broadcast February 26, 2017.
Kansas conventions, taxing and spending, and Wichita economic development
Co-host Karl Peterjohn joins Bob Weeks to discuss the Kansas congressional nominating conventions, taxing and spending in Topeka, and Wichita economic development and promotion. View here. Episode 139, broadcast February 19, 2017.
Immunizations, spending and taxing in Kansas, and getting data from Wichita
Should Sedgwick County be in competition with the private sector? What are attitudes towards taxation and spending in Kansas? Finally, what is it like to request data from the City of Wichita? View here. Episode 138, broadcast February 12, 2017.
Blight, guns, testimony, and KPERS
Co-host Karl Peterjohn joins Bob Weeks to discuss the fight on blight and property rights, guns on campus, availability of testimony in the Kansas Legislature, and KPERS, our state’s retirement system. View here. Episode 137, broadcast February 5, 2017.
Kansas politics, school choice, and asset forfeiture
Co-host Karl Peterjohn joins Bob Weeks to discuss a few big developments in Kansas politics, school choice, and civil asset forfeiture. View here. Episode 136, broadcast January 29, 2017.
Confirming a cabinet, Kansas spending, and Kansas finances
Co-host Karl Peterjohn and Bob Weeks discuss technological progress, confirmation hearings, whether Kansas will trim spending or raise taxes, and Kansas fiscal nightmares. View here. Episode 135, broadcast January 22, 2017.
A new season, with co-host Karl Peterjohn
Co-host Karl Peterjohn joins Bob Weeks to discuss Karl’s service as county commissioner, the new session of the Kansas Legislature, and choosing a successor to Congressman Mike Pompeo. View here. Episode 134, broadcast January 15, 2017.
Bud Norman and the election
Bud Norman was a reporter for many years at the Wichita Eagle, covering a variety of beats including Kansas state government. Today he is a novelist, freelance writer, and author of the blog *The Central Standard Times,* subtitled “A view from the middle of America.” View here. Episode 133, broadcast November 13, 2016.
Congressman Mike Pompeo
United States Representative Mike Pompeo, a Wichita Republican who represents the Kansas fourth district. Topics include elections, judicial retention, foreign affairs, and immigration. View here. Episode 132, broadcast November 6, 2016.
WichitaLiberty.TV set 2015-08-27 12.41.55Wichita and Kansas economics, and government investment
Wichita sells a hotel, more subsidy for downtown, Kansas newspaper editorialists fall for a lobbyist’s tale, how Kansas can learn from Arizona schools, and government investment. View below, or click here to view at YouTube. View here. Episode 131, broadcast October 30, 2016.
wichitaliberty-tv-2016-10-16-andy-hooserRadio host Andy Hooser
Radio show host Andy Hooser visits the KGPT studios to talk about upcoming elections in Kansas and the presidential campaign. View below, or click here to view at YouTube. View here. Episode 130, broadcast October 16, 2016.
wichitaliberty-tv-2016-10-09-lawrence-reedLawrence Reed of Foundation for Economic Education
Lawrence W. Reed, who is president of the Foundation for Economic Education. Topics include free markets, education, trade, and arts. View here. Episode 129, broadcast October 9, 2016.
wichitaliberty-tv-2016-09-11-joseph-ashbyJoseph Ashby on Kansas judges, schools, and the president
Radio Show Host Joseph Ashby joins host Bob Weeks to talk about Kansas judges, Kansas schools, and presidential politics. View here. Episode 128, broadcast September 11, 2016.
WichitaLiberty.TV set 2015-08-27 12.41.55A variety of topics, with some good news, but a lot of bad news
Wichita’s economic development, Sedgwick County spending, editorials ignoring facts, your house numbers, Kansas governors, taxpayer-funded political campaigns, and the nature of economic competition. View here. Episode 127, broadcast August 21, 2016.
WichitaLiberty.TV 2016-08-07 Danedri HerbertGidget Southway, or Danedri Herbert
Danedri Herbert, also known as Gidget Southway, visits Wichita and WichitaLiberty.TV. Her blog is Kansas GOP Insider. View here. Episode 126, broadcast August 7, 2016.
WichitaLiberty.TV 2016-07-30 Jonathan WilliamsThe State of Kansas
Jonathan Williams helps us understand what’s right — and wrong — with Kansas. Williams is Vice President for the Center for State Fiscal Reform at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). View here. Episode 125, broadcast July 31, 2016.
WichitaLiberty.TV set 2015-08-27 12.41.55News media, hollow Kansas government, ideology vs. pragmatism
New outlets for news, and criticism of the existing. Is Kansas government “hollowed out?” Ideology and pragmatism. View here. Episode 124, broadcast July 17, 2016.
WichitaLiberty.TV 2016-06-26 James S. RosebushJames Rosebush, author of ‘True Reagan’
James S. Rosebush worked in the White House as assistant to President Ronald Reagan. He’s written a book about Reagan titled “True Reagan: What Made Ronald Reagan Great and Why It Matters.” View here. Episode 123, broadcast June 26, 2016.
WichitaLiberty.TV set 2015-08-27 12.41.55Cost of Kansas schools, government schools, and understanding Kansas school outcomes
Is it true that some Kansas schoolchildren have no hope of attending a private school? What’s wrong with government schools? Then a talk on “Rethinking Education Tomorrow Starts with Understanding Outcomes Today.” View here. Episode 122, broadcast June 19, 2016.
WichitaLiberty.TV set 2015-08-27 12.41.55Confusion about corruption in Wichita, regulation in Wichita, and the lowly pencil
Citizen activists were concerned about unleashing a corrupting influence in Wichita City Hall, but they didn’t know it’s already there. Then, the regulatory landscape in Wichita. Finally, what can a pencil teach us about how the world works? View here. Episode 121, broadcast June 12, 2016.
WichitaLiberty.TV set 2015-08-27 13.42.08-1Charter schools in Kansas, and a victory for speech and association
Kansas has essentially no charter schools. Here’s why we need them. AFP Foundation scores a victory for free speech and association. View here. Episode 120, broadcast June 5, 2016.
WichitaLiberty.TV 2016-05-08 John ChisholmJohn Chisholm on entrepreneurship
Author John Chisholm talks about entrepreneurship, regulation, economics, and education. View here. Episode 119, broadcast May 8, 2016.
WichitaLiberty.TV 2016-05-01 Keen UmbehrKeen Umbehr
Keen Umbehr is an attorney from Alma. Besides setting a precedent protecting free speech in the U.S. Supreme Court, he’s an advocate for criminal justice reform and a former candidate for governor. View here. Episode 118, broadcast May 1, 2016.
WichitaLiberty.TV set 2015-08-27 12.41.55Trump and the Wichita Eagle, property rights and blight, teachers union, and capitalism
Was it “Trump” or “Bernie” that incited a fight, and how does the Wichita Eagle opine? Economic development in Wichita. Blight and property rights. Teachers unions. Explaining capitalism. View here. Episode 117, broadcast April 24, 2016.
WichitaLiberty.TV 2016-04-17 Andy HooserRadio talk show host Andy Hooser
Andy Hooser of KQAM’s The Voice of Reason joins Bob Weeks to discuss presidential and Kansas politics. View here. Episode 116, broadcast April 17, 2016.
WichitaLiberty.TV 2015-08-27 12.50.11Markets or government, legislative malpractice, and education reform
Do corporations prefer markets or big government? Legislative malpractice in Kansas. Education reform, or lack thereof. View here. Episode 115, broadcast April 3, 2016.
WichitaLiberty.TV set 2015-08-27 12.41.55Bob’s shaking his head, Wichita water woes, and the harm of teachers unions
There are a few things that make Bob wonder. Then, a troubling episode for Wichita government and news media. Finally, the harm of teachers unions. View here. Episode 114, broadcast March 27, 2016.
WichitaLiberty.TV set 2015-08-27 12.41.55The caucus and the presidency, Wichita prepares a new regulatory regime
Looking back at the Kansas presidential caucus and should it matter who becomes president. A new regulatory regime in Wichita probably won’t help its stated purpose, but will be harmful. Then, more about regulation. View here. Episode 113, broadcast March 13, 2016.
WichitaLiberty.TV 2016-03-06 Andy Hooser Joseph AshbySuper Tuesday wrap up
Radio show hosts Joseph Ashby and Andy Hooser join Bob Weeks to discuss Super Tuesday results and the contests going forward. View here. Episode 112, broadcast March 6, 2016.
WichitaLiberty.TV 2016-02-28 Bryan RileyHeritage Foundation’s Bryan Riley on free trade
Foreign trade is an important issue in this year’s presidential campaign. Heritage Foundation economist and Senior Policy Analyst Bryan Riley explains concepts that voters can use in making an informed decision. View here. Episode 111, broadcast February 28, 2016.
WichitaLiberty.TV 2016-02-21 David BobbDavid Bobb, President of Bill of Rights Institute
In this episode of WichitaLiberty.TV: David Bobb, President of The Bill of Rights Institute, talks about civic education and the importance of humility. View here. Episode 110, broadcast February 21, 2016.
WichitaLiberty.TV 2016-02-14 Joseph AshbyRadio talk show host Joseph Ashby
Radio talk show host Joseph Ashby stops by the KGPT studios to explain presidential politics. View here. Episode 109, broadcast February 14, 2016.
WichitaLiberty.TV 2016-02-06 Bud NormanJournalist, novelist, and blogger Bud Norman on presidential politics
Journalist, novelist, and blogger Bud Norman joins host Bob Weeks to discuss presidential election politics. View here. Episode 108, broadcast February 7, 2016.
WichitaLiberty.TV set 2015-08-27 12.41.55Goals for the Kansas Legislature, school choice in Kansas
There are worthy goals the Kansas Legislature should tackle, and the need for school choice in Kansas. View here. Episode 107, broadcast January 31, 2016.
WichitaLiberty.TV 2015-08-27 12.50.11What the Kansas Legislature should do, and eminent domain
There are things simple and noncontroversial that the Kansas Legislasture should do in its upcoming session, and some things that won’t be easy but are important. Also, a look at eminent domain. View here. Episode 106, broadcast January 3, 2016.
WichitaLliberty.TV Rodney Wren 2015-08-23Debate expert Rodney Wren
Debate expert Rodney Wren joins Bob Weeks to discuss the presidential debates and nomination contest. View here. Episode 105, broadcast December 27, 2015.
WichitaLiberty.TV 2015-12-20 Joseph AshbyRadio talk show host Joseph Ashby
Radio talk show host Joseph Ashby visits the WichitaLiberty.TV studios to help us understand the Republican presidential debate and nomination contest. View here. Episode 104, broadcast December 20, 2015.
WichitaLiberty.TV set 2015-08-27 12.41.55Wichita’s attitude towards empowering citizens, tax credits, and school choice
The City of Wichita’s attitude towards empowering citizens, government spending through tax credits, and school choice in Kansas. View here. Episode 103, broadcast December 13, 2015.
WichitaLiberty.TV 2015-08-27 12.50.11Wichita outreach, city council, and entrepreneurship
A look at Wichita community outreach and communications, rewriting city council history, and entrepreneurship. View here. Episode 102, broadcast December 6, 2015.
Mike Pompeo WichitaLiberty.TV 2015-11-29Congressman Mike Pompeo
Congressman Mike Pompeo talks about the Middle East, politics in Washington, and domestic issues. View here. Episode 101, broadcast November 29, 2015.
WichitaLiberty.TV 2015-11-08 Jonathan WilliamsJonathan Williams of American Legislative Exchange Council
Jonathan Williams of American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) explains the goals of ALEC, changes to Kansas tax policy and the results, and the effects of state taxes on charitable giving. View here. Episode 100, broadcast November 8, 2015.

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