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Posts tagged as “Wind power”

Misguided faith

A big "thank you" to Mike Smith for his rebuttal to an op-ed printed in today's Wichita Eagle.

End the wind production tax credit

If wind power cannot compete on its own after 20 years without costly special privileges, it never will, writes Lamar Alexander And Mike Pompeo.

WichitaLiberty.TV: For whose benefit are elections, school employment, wind power, unions, unemployment

The controversy over the timing of city and school board elections provides an insight into government. Then: Can a candidate for governor’s claims about Kansas school employment be believed? Wind power is expensive electricity, very expensive. A Wichita auto dealer pushes back against union protests. Finally, what is the real rate of unemployment in America?

WichitaLiberty.TV: Government planning, taxes, and carbon

The City of Wichita held a workshop where the Community Investments Plan Steering Committee delivered a progress report to the city council. The document holds some facts that ought to make Wichitans think, and think hard. Then: What is the purpose of high tax rates on high income earners? Finally: Advances in producing oil and natural gas make for a more competitive and carbon-efficient economy.

Coalition to Congress: End the wind production tax credit

The problems with bestowing government favors on wind energy are myriad -- it doesn't produce cheaper energy, it threatens electrical grid reliability, it’s inefficient, it’s unprincipled tax policy, to name a few -- and it’s time to end this misguided handout.

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