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Posts tagged as “Term limits”

WichitaLiberty.TV February 16, 2014

The controversy surrounding the residence of a long-time senator from Kansas raises issues of term limits and the ability of citizens to exercise the power of initiative and referendum. Then, the seen and the unseen applied to economic development in Wichita, and why do we rely on certain experts.

The real free lunch: Markets and private property

As we approach another birthday of Milton Friedman, here's his article where he clears up the authorship of a famous aphorism, and explains how to really get a free lunch

Kansas and Wichita quick takes: Monday November 15, 2010

Today: Wichita city council, Wichita Pachyderm Club, Politics, Downtown Wichita revitalization, Wichita Metropolitan Area Planning Commission, Taxation, Education, United States Congress, Term limits.

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Wichita real estate development, redistricting, newspapers, free markets.

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