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Posts tagged as “STAR bonds”

STAR bonds in Kansas

The Kansas STAR bonds program provides a mechanism for spending by autopilot, without specific appropriation by the legislature.

What incentives can Wichita offer?

Wichita government leaders complain that Wichita can't compete in economic development with other cities and states because the budget for incentives is too small. But when making this argument, these officials don't include all incentives that are available.

Carl Brewer: The state of Wichita, 2013

Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer, in his State of the City address for 2013, calls for increased support of the city's economic development efforts.

Political cronyism has become the way

Cronyism is the practice of seeking business success through government rather than through markets. The difference is that business succeeds in the market by providing goods and services that people are willing to buy. Political cronyism, on the other hand, results in people being forced to buy from, or to otherwise involuntarily subsidize, certain business firms that have succeeded in the political arena.

Wichita to hold public hearing, again

The City of Wichita must conduct a public hearing for a second time, another example of a long line of mistakes made by the city in the administration of its policies.

Kansas STAR bonds vote a test for capitalism

An upcoming vote in the Kansas House of Representatives will let Kansans know who is truly in favor of economic freedom, limited government, and free market capitalism -- and who favors crony capitalism instead.

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