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Ignore this Kansas school spending, please

The response to a survey regarding Kansas school spending is useful for two reasons: It lets us gauge the level of knowledge of the public, and it also tells us the extent to which school spending advocates will go to justify and excuse spending.

Another Kansas school efficiency task force

One might think that the mission of the Kansas Association of School Boards is to help school districts maximize the educational impact of spending. Judging by a task force formed by KASB, this may not have been the case.

Kansas school test scores should make us think

Kansas public school test scores have declined. This should cause us to ask two questions: why have the scores been rising, and does Kansas do as well as is claimed?

Steve Rose defends Kansas school spending

Attitudes toward Kansas public schools, or facts about them: Which is most important? For boosters of the Kansas school spending establishment, attitude is all that matters.

Kansas school establishment defenders: the video

A video criticizing the Kansas Policy Institute for placing a series of ads in Kansas newspapers claims KPI "conceals" and "ignores" facts and statistics. But I didn't have to work very hard to find many gross and blatant mistakes, distortions, and coverups in the video -- the same problems found in much of the communications of the Kansas public school spending bureaucracy and establishment.

In Kansas, public school establishment attacks high standards

When a Kansas public policy think tank placed ads in Kansas newspapers calling attention to the performance of Kansas schools, the public school establishment didn't like it. The defense of the Kansas school status quo, especially that coming from Kansas Commissioner of Education Diane DeBacker, ought to cause Kansans to examine the motives of the school spending establishment and their ability to be truthful about Kansas schools.

In Kansas, school reform not on the plate

Conventional wisdom this year is that Kansas is struggling with a plan for school reform. The reality, however, is that the state is merely considering a change in how to pay for its schools. No actual reform is contemplated.

Kansas Speaker: Schools don’t spend all they have

Based on choices that many school districts have made in response to legislation giving them flexibility to spend fund balances, Speaker of the Kansas House of Representatives Mike O'Neal questions whether a school funding crisis actually exists.

School choice savings not being considered in Kansas

According to the reporting surrounding the revision of the Kansas school finance formula, Kansas is overlooking a sure way to save money and improve Kansas schools: widespread school choice.

Kansas school reform issues

As Kansas struggles to find funding for its public schools and other functions of government, we're losing an opportunity to examine our schools and see if they're performing as well as they should, both financially and academically.

Kansas ‘pigs at the trough’ award goes to …

Dietz said that earlier this year, an organization had labeled schools as "pigs at the trough." Saying she is speaking for herself only and not on behalf of any organization, Dietz noted that "Mark is our lead lobbyist for K-12 education, and Diane represents Wichita Public Schools." She presented both with a memento that had something to do with pigs and oinking.

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