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Public effort should benefit all taxpayers, not a select few

A recent Wichita Eagle commentary by Doug Stanley, vice chairman of the Greater Wichita Economic Development Coalition, made the case for government to invest taxpayer money in developing "shovel-ready" sites to attract a wide range of new employers, especially large industrial and manufacturing companies. He says consultants who work with large employers on site selection give preference to communities that have made the upfront investment to save them time and obviously, a lot of money.

Wichita’s economic development is expensive, risky

Sunday's Wichita Eagle carried an op-ed piece written by Doug Stanley, vice chairman of the Greater Wichita Economic Development Coalition. As we might expect, he calls for more government involvement and management of economic development.

Sedgwick County land purchase raises questions

Wichita Eagle newspaper stories from summer 2003 tell of the City of Bel Aire's plans for an industrial park. Today Sedgwick County may purchase this land from the small city.

This item, described on the agenda -- at least I think this is the item -- simply as "Land purchase contract" has assumed a sense of urgency.

In Wichita, let’s have economic development for all

There's probably little doubt that offering incentives to companies to move to Wichita results in some that do. And, as we've seen, some Wichita companies are adept at inciting rumors they might move or locate new facilities somewhere else in order to gain some advantage or incentive from local or state (or sometimes both) government.

Marcey Gregory Letter Fact Check

A letter in the Wichita Eagle on October 26, 2008 contains a few inaccuracies — okay, lies — and I’m surprised it made it past…

Local economic development in Wichita

There is an interesting academic paper titled "The Failures of Economic Development Incentives," published in Journal of the American Planning Association, and which can be read here: A few quotes from the study:

Given the weak effects of incentives on the location choices of businesses at the interstate level, state governments and their local governments in the aggregate probably lose far more revenue, by cutting taxes to firms that would have located in that state anyway than they gain from the few firms induced to change location.

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