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Posts tagged as “Government waste”

WichitaLiberty.TV: Vampires on the prowl in Wichita and the city council’s treatment of citizens.

The City of Wichita urges citizens to take steps to stop "vampire" power waste. But before hectoring people to introduce inconvenience to their lives in order to save small amounts of electricity, the city should tackle the real monsters of its own creation. Then proceedings of a recent Wichita City Council meeting are instructive of the factors citizens should consider if they want to interact with the council and city government at a public hearing.

Wichita’s monsters on display, again

While the City of Wichita asks citizens to inconvenience themselves by saving "vampire" electrical waste, the city still lights up its own monsters.

WichitaLiberty.TV: Where’s Wichita’s water?

To solve water supply problems, the City of Wichita seeks to impose austerity on its citizens and force them to pay for others to install water-efficient appliances that save vanishingly small amounts of water. Plus, what happened to past assurances that we had plenty of water?

WichitaLiberty.TV: Government accounting, Government ownership of infrastructure, and Wichita commercial property taxes

Government leaders tell us they want to run government like a business. But does government actually do this, even when accounting for its money? Then, is it best for government to own all the infrastructure? Finally, taxes on Wichita commercial property are high, compared to the rest of the nation.

In Wichita, the rooftops are well-lit

On a sunny Friday afternoon in May 2014, the City of Wichita spends to illuminate the rooftop of a parking garage it owns.

Kansas school efficiency on display

When you hear that Kansas schools have "cut to the bone," or are operating at maximum efficiency, or have nowhere else to cut, or there's no need to audit school district efficiency, think of this.

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