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WichitaLiberty.TV: Government planning, taxes, and carbon

The City of Wichita held a workshop where the Community Investments Plan Steering Committee delivered a progress report to the city council. The document holds some facts that ought to make Wichitans think, and think hard. Then: What is the purpose of high tax rates on high income earners? Finally: Advances in producing oil and natural gas make for a more competitive and carbon-efficient economy.

Wichita and Visioneering peers job growth

Visioneering Wichita and other planning agencies take responsibility for growing the Wichita-area economy. What is the record so far?

A vision for Wichita

Why are some in Wichita so insistent on pushing their vision of what our city should look like, and why are they willing and eager to use the coercive force of government to achieve their vision?

Wichita needs more, and willing, taxpayers

Is the goal of Wichita/Sedgwick County Community Investments Plan to create more willing taxpayers? A paper from the Hugo Wall School of Urban and Public affairs gives us a clue -- and a warning.

REAP: We’ll plan for you, like it or not

We've learned that the government planners will plan for you, whether or not you want it. Despite having voted against participation, two Kansas counties are still included in a regional planning consortium.

Language makes a difference

No longer is it "Sustainable Communities." Now it's "South Central Kansas Prosperity Plan." Either way, the program is still centralized government planning, with great potential to harm our economy and liberties.

Government planning, itself, is dangerous

In south-central Kansas, the meme of "it's only a plan" that can be shelved is likely to be repeated as government officials try to sell a comprehensive planning process.

In Wichita, community needn’t be government

We live in the biggest city in the state which brings with it many challenges; solutions to those challenges come in many forms, giving rise to the vast diversity of opinion borne out in the survey. That diversity may be trying but we should not allow the aspiration for political unity to squelch debate. Ultimately it is our ability to engage and debate these issues that unites us as a community.

Kansans’ views on role of government

Kansas Policy Institute has released the results of a public opinion poll asking Kansans for their views on some issues that are currently in the news.

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