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Posts tagged as “Climate change”

Greenpeace climate change extremists are hot on the trail

Climate change -- its reality (or not) and man's response to it -- is an important topic and deserves serious discussion. The actions of one of the most prominent and vocal groups promoting a radical global warming agenda, however, aren't fostering greater understanding of the issue, much less an informed debate.

Kansas news digest

News from alternative media around Kansas for January 25, 2010.

‘The Audacity of Hypocricy’ in Wichita

The Great American Forum hosts another event: "Come hear our panelists discuss the failed policies of the first year of the Obama Administration, and common-sense solutions to fixing our country! The topics will be:
Homeland Security & Defense (Ben Sauceda), Cap & Trade (Rick Macias), Healthcare (Kenya Cox), and Economics (Brandon Rudkin). There will be a question and answer period.

Don’t forfeit Kansas’ economic future to the United Nations

The global warming debate is at a crossroads. With a skeptical American public already rising up against a cap-and-trade scheme that would send energy prices through the roof, a whistleblower at the influential Climate Research Unit revealing that the temperature data used to make the case for global warming was badly manipulated, predictions of yet another cold winter, and the fact it has been nearly a decade since global temperatures stopped rising.

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