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Posts tagged as “Barack Obama”

ObamaCare chart updated

Republicans of the Joint Economic Committee of the U.S. Congress have released an update of a chart to help us navigate ObamaCare.

Obama’s science

Here's the science that President Obama is basing policy on.

An IRS political timeline

President Obama's attacks on Americans for Prosperity and other conservative groups in 2010 need to be reconsidered in light of recent revelations surrounding the Internal Revenue Service.

Obama will need more economic growth

To pay for the Obama taxing and spending agenda, the country will need much more economic growth. Unfortunately, the rate of growth is slowing just when we need greater rates of growth.

Obama’s debt speech just mailed in

Remarks attributed to Barack Obama in 2006 regarding the debt ceiling were never spoken in the senate, but were mailed in, so to speak.

Obama on debt ceiling, then and now

Not long ago Barack Obama said that needing to raise America's debt limit "is a sign of leadership failure."

The rich don’t have enough money

Even if President Barack Obama gets his way in upcoming tax negotiations, we'll still be a long way from tackling the deficit.

You should be able to photograph your ballot

"Every election is a sort of advance auction of stolen goods." Whether the sale is implicit or explicit, it doesn't change what's happening. There's no need to create new laws or enforcement powers.

Obama II, from New York Times

An invigorated Obama second administration will not be good for the country, unless the president has a change of heart.

Economic growth is slowing

While the United States economy started to grow after the recent recession, the trend in growth is slowing. We can't tolerate any more of the Obama cure.

Cost of an Obama tire job: $900,000

Despite its cost and harm, trade protectionism is popular with President Barack Obama, and with Mitt Romney too.

Obama’s regulatory extremism

President Barack Obama is bypassing Congress and the will of the people in order to implement his extreme radical agenda.

ObamaCare explained: What could go wrong?

An Illinois State Senate candidate who happens to be a physician diagnoses and explains the problems with the Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare.

The Obama tax cuts

Are the tax cuts President Obama takes credit for the type of tax cuts that promote economic growth?

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