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Posts tagged as “Activism”

WichitaLiberty.TV: Vampires on the prowl in Wichita and the city council’s treatment of citizens.

The City of Wichita urges citizens to take steps to stop "vampire" power waste. But before hectoring people to introduce inconvenience to their lives in order to save small amounts of electricity, the city should tackle the real monsters of its own creation. Then proceedings of a recent Wichita City Council meeting are instructive of the factors citizens should consider if they want to interact with the council and city government at a public hearing.

Wichita school board reacts to criticism

It's common that citizens who disagree with governmental agencies -- especially the Wichita school board -- are told that they have the wrong information, or that they simply don't understand the complexities of running government.

Defeated Kansas Republican Chorus

Joseph Ashby and friends created a funny parody song about the recent primary election in Kansas, where many so-called moderate Republicans were defeated by conservative challengers

SWATing a threat to political speech

Conservative bloggers are being targeted with an illegal and dangerous tactic with the aim of silencing or moderating their voices. The tactic is SWATing.

ALEC should resist liberal pressure groups

Liberals can't stand American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) because it is a strong and influential advocate for free market and limited government principals in state legislatures, and as a result are smearing it with unfounded charges of racism.

Left-wing sincerity exposed

It's often alleged by the political left that conservative and libertarian activists are nothing more than Astroturf, meaning false or fake grassroots activism. The charge is that the activists are duped into -- or paid for -- engaging in political activism. Which makes the following video from the Koch Industries Koch Facts site all the more interesting.

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