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Moore decision not to run causes waves

The news that Kansas third district congressman Dennis Moore has decided not to seek reelection is a week old now, but the ramifications will take a while to shake out. As Martin Hawver put it in a recent Capitol Rail: “We don’t know who, but we’re imagining, somewhere in Johnson County, there is a poor, embarrassed and sullen Republican who isn’t yet on the list of someone’s exploratory committee for the 3rd District congressional seat.”

I imagine there are both Democrat and Republican candidates who have already declared for statewide office that would like to be able to have a re-do on their decision. In hindsight, of course.

Michael Barone is a seasoned political analyst. His take on this district from the Washington Examiner is at Are Democrats exiting the sinking ship?

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  1. Dismal Scientist November 30, 2009

    Watch out for the Libertarian Party Candidate, Jasmin Talbert she just might sneak in to office……ssshhh…

  2. sue November 30, 2009

    I guess that means he (Moore) will be a “yes” vote on the Pelosicare bill! I wonder what he got promised for this? Probably a cushy job at one of the new 100 or so new politburo jobs created in the new health care govt. takeover? On the upside for him; no more stinky campaigns!

  3. Benjamin December 2, 2009

    He is a commie.

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