The plan to raise your taxes that can’t be found

A coalition of Kansas advocacy groups wants to raise your taxes, but the plan is difficult to find.

On Wednesday a coalition of groups presented their plan to balance the Kansas budget and provide more tax revenue to spend. But — this plan can’t be found at any of the participating groups’ websites. So as a service to these groups, (Kansas Center for Economic Growth, Kansas Action for Children, Kansas Contractors Association, Kansas Organization of State Employees, and Kansas-National Education Association) I present a scanned version of the plan. Maybe one of the groups will send me a digital original.

Click here to view the plan.

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  • It’s funny to me how their ONLY suggestion is raise taxes! The government should never cut back! HAHAHA Why didn’t the news pieces in the Buzzard and other local media mention that they want to dramatically raise taxes on the middle class? Bring back the 6.45 rate for anyone making over 40k a year? Geez these little communists want everything.

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