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‘Not Evil Just Wrong’ a powerful refutation of Al Gore, environmental extremism

The new documentary film Not Evil Just Wrong will cause viewers to wonder why we pay global warming alarmists, particularly former vice-president Al Gore, any attention at all.

The answer, of course, is that many people believe the nonsense that Gore and others spread about the threat of climate change. They’re working hard to pass laws and policies that will harm our lives and our economies — and they’re doing this to confront a threat that doesn’t exist.

Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth, despite its errors, is used by environmental extremists as evidence that rapid warming is occurring, and that humans must take extreme measures to combat it.

Now there is a persuasive and effective rebuttal.

The film takes on the science, economic, and personal sides of the controversy surrounding global warming or climate change, and what should be mankind’s response.

Scientifically, Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth is fundamentally flawed. In Britain, a parent sued because this film was being shown to schoolchildren, and the British High Court found that the film was politically partisan and contained errors. As the lawyer for the case describes:

The judge identified nine aspects of An Inconvenient Truth, nine core errors, where Al Gore either misstated the IPCC or prejudicially exaggerated what they found. For example in relation to the sea level rises which is perhaps the starkest error in Al Gore’s film arguably. Al Gore is giving an impression that the sea level is going to rise by 20 feet in a very near future. The IPCC talks about 20 feet sea level rises over millennia, over thousands of years, thousands and thousands of years. And sea level rises by a matter of inches by the end of the century. Now that is a very disturbing misstatement of the science.

In Not Evil Just Wrong, Irish schoolchildren are shown to be fearful of drowning from this rise in seas. It’s terribly sad that these children have been terrorized by the false claims of Al Gore and those who believe them.

Another piece of science the film takes on is the famous “hockey stick” graph of global temperature that Gore uses to make his case. The rapid rise in temperature, alleged by Gore to be caused by human activity, is based on false data.

The personal stories in the film illustrate how government policy affects the dreams, hopes, and very lives of people. In Uganda, Fiona Kobusingye-Boynes suffered the loss of her son to malaria. This disease, which can be safely and effectively controlled by DDT, has killed millions of children since DDT was banned in reaction to Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring. And what is the trade-off for these lives? The film lets us see the value choices that environmental extremists make, and lets us know where they place human life on their value scale.

While the story of DDT is not directly related to global warming alarmism, it’s told in Not Evil Just Wrong because of its connection to Al Gore. His praise for Carson — he wrote the introduction to a recent edition of her book — lets us know that global warming extremism is not the first issue Gore’s been on the wrong side of, and at the cost of millions of lives.

Another personal story is that of Tiffany McElhany and her family in Vevay, Indiana. She wonders what Al Gore has against her family: Why he is opposed to the life she and her husband are trying to provide for their family? Her story — especially the personal and direct action she takes — is heartwarming, and at the same time we can feel nothing but disgust and contempt for Gore.

As I watched Not Evil Just Wrong I became angry. Viewers of the film will leave the theater wondering just what Gore is trying to accomplish and why he ignores the mounting evidence that he is wrong.

For coverage of the filmmaker’s recent appearance in Wichita, see my article “Not Evil Just Wrong” filmmaker tells of harms of radical environmentalists and Kansas Watchdog’s “Not Evil, Just Wrong” Counters Environmental Extremism. The movie’s website is at The movie’s trailer is below or watch it on YouTube by clicking on Not Evil Just Wrong trailer.

Also, “Not Evil Just Wrong” will be shown in Wichita on Sunday, October 18, as part of its nationwide premier. This free event will be at the CAC Theater at Wichita State University. It starts at 6:00 pm, with meteorologist Mike Smith presenting “An Atmospheric Scientist’s View of Global Warming” at 6:15. To RSVP for this event, email to or call 316-269-4170.

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  1. Tiffany McElhany October 20, 2009

    Thankyou so much for all the support. My biggest hopes with this film are that people will take a second look on what is going on all around them. My family and I are so proud to be a part of this film and feel it was done very well!

  2. Bettysue Petty October 27, 2009

    Once again,Thank you for your devotion to preserving what is right and good in our country and for information we can get nowhere else in Wichita.
    There are no words to describe the disgust I have always felt for Al Gore;and I do think he is evil!!!!

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  4. scott owens February 1, 2010

    Viewers of the film will leave the theater wondering just what Gore is trying to accomplish and why he ignores the mounting evidence that he is wrong.

    Scientific consensus is that Mr. Gore is right.
    And if we ignore his and every other scientific organization we will be in very dire straits in a few years.

    There are many, many places in the world such as Venice that will be lost forever –
    “Look again. Climate scientists say Australia — beset by prolonged drought and deadly bush fires in the south, monsoon flooding and mosquito-borne fevers in the north, widespread wildlife decline, economic collapse in agriculture and killer heat waves — epitomizes the “accelerated climate crisis” that global warming models have forecast.

    With few skeptics among them, Australians appear to be coming to an awakening: Adapt to a rapidly shifting climate, and soon. Scientists here warn that the experience of this island continent is an early cautionary tale for the rest of the world.”

    And on and on and on …. What do you think the CO2 levels are doing ?

    I would be surprised if you folks could explain cloud formation, or the first law of thermodynamics and some how you know more than the scientists who have studied this for 10 or 20 years .
    Really ?

  5. Pat February 1, 2010

    Scott, don’t get too “big for your britches” with your remarks. Some of us are quite capable of discussing thermodynamics and are quite capable of independently reviewing the “evidence” as it pertains to global warming, cooling or whatever.

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