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Posts published in “Role of government”

If you can’t get a cop in Wichita

If you can't get a cop in Wichita, it could be that the officers are busy protecting the city from the illegal playing of poker.

Friedman: Laws that do harm

As we approach another birthday of Milton Friedman, here's his column from Newsweek in 1982 that explains that despite good intentions, the result of government intervention often harms those it is intended to help.

Round table: Role of government in society

Rick hosts a round table discussion with Kansas representatives Ed Trimmer, Marc Rhoades, and Bob Weeks of about the role of government in society.

The effect of government grants

The ends (accomplishment of a project that local groups want but will not fund locally) do not justify the means (stealing now, and in the future, from all citizens), writes John D’Aloia Jr. in a Trackside column.

Pentagon strategy blamed for Boeing Wichita closure

The fact that price was the key determinant in the decision to award Boeing the air force refueling tanker contract led Boeing to close its underutilized, and therefore expensive, Wichita plant.

In Central-Northeast Wichita, government is cause of problem, not solution

From the November 2007 archives. Since then, the Wichita schools have a new superintendent, and Kansas has raised its minimum wage.

An article in The Wichita Eagle “Plan offers hope for city's troubled heart” (November 14, 2007) reports on the development of a plan named New Communities Initiative, its goal being the revitalizing of a depressed neighborhood in Wichita. The saddest thing in this article is the realization that there is consideration of a plan for large-scale government intervention to solve problems that are, to a large extent, caused by government itself.

Plato to speak to Pachyderms

This Friday June 19, 2009, the Wichita Pachyderm Club turns back the clock of time real far to present the Greek philosopher Plato.

A very talented local authority, who wishes to remain anonymous, will personify the essence of ancient wise man. His topic will be "Why I am not a democrat."

I Tested My Politics

I came across a test designed to place you and your political thoughts on a map of political ideologies. The test I took is here.…

I’m Glad I Won’t Be Reading This Book

At Reason Magazine, Jesse Walker contributes an excellent review of Thomas Frank’s latest book The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule. I say it’s an excellent…

Wichita Chamber of Commerce values

Here's a message that Bryan Derreberry, president of the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce, sent to Chamber members. Note that this message doesn't mention the role its political action committee played in the third Sedgwick County Commission district. In that race, the PAC spent some $19,000 of its $48,000 in an effort to elect Goddard mayor Marcey Gregory. Her opponent, longtime taxpayer advocate Karl Peterjohn, is just the type of candidate you'd expect chambers of commerce to support.

Government Workers Are America’s New Elite

Should a special license-plate program for California government workers allow them to drive without regard for traffic laws? Is it possible for a firefighter to…

Liberals Favor Outsourcing

A press release announcing the new book by Peter Schweizer Makers and Takers contains this sentence: Schweizer argues that the failure lies in modern liberal…

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