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Posts published in “Regulation”

Kansas House votes for property rights

Today the Kansas House of Representatives passed a bill that will protect property owners from harm simply because their property is near a historic property.

Wichita licenses the striping of parking lots

Next week the Wichita City Council will consider licensing and regulating the painting of stripes in parking lots. How, may I ask, has civilization advanced without the benefit of such regulation?

Obama’s regulatory extremism

President Barack Obama is bypassing Congress and the will of the people in order to implement his extreme radical agenda.

Dangers of texting while driving: Are laws the solution?

Texting while driving is dangerous. But the government solution -- passing laws against texting while driving -- haven't worked, and some states have experienced an increase in crashes after implementing texting bans.

Special interests will capture south-central Kansas planning

Special interest groups are likely to co-opt the government planning process started in south-central Kansas as these groups see ways to benefit from the plan. The public choice school of economics and political science has taught us how special interest groups seek favors from government at enormous costs to society, and we will see this at play over the next few years.

Regulation for the sake of business

There are many examples of how the conventional wisdom regarding regulation is wrong, That wisdom being Republicans and conservatives are in bed with government, seeking to unshackle business from the burden of government regulation. Democrats and liberals, on the other hand, are busily crafting regulations to protect the middle class from the evils of big business. As it turns out, both Democrats and Republicans love creating regulations, and big business loves these regulations. Business often uses government regulation as way to harm its competitors or gain advantage for itself, which is contrary to the principles of free markets and capitalism.

The role of speculators

As gasoline prices rise, we hear the call for regulation of speculators, with Fox News populist Bill O'Reilly a leading voice. Part of the complaint is true: Speculators are selfish people, acting only to make as much profit as possible for themselves. But by doing so, they provide a valuable public service.

Congress should reserve the right to protect our wireless future

As the expert agency, the FCC is right to ask for some flexibility with the wireless spectrum auction design process. Congress, however, should reserve its right to protect our wireless future by preventing FCC overreach and ensure that all companies can participate in the auction process. It's only the fair choice to make.

Regulatory Accountability Act of 2011

Last week the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 3010: Regulatory Accountability Act of 2011. This law would, if passed by the Senate and signed by the president, would require regulatory agencies to "base all preliminary and final determinations on evidence," among other reforms.

‘Sustainable planning’ not so sustainable

The vast majority of Americans, surveys say, aspire to live in a single-family home with a yard. The vast majority of American trave -- around 85 percent -- is by automobile. Yet the Obama administration thinks more Americans should live in apartments and travel on foot, bicycle, or mass transit.

Kerpen on Obama’s regulatory extremism

A new book details the ways that President Obama is bypassing Congress and the will of the people in order to implement his extreme radical agenda.

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