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Posts published in “Economic freedom”

Derek Yonai: Teaching the Morality of Free Enterprise

Derek K. Yonai, JD, Ph.D., Director of the Koch Center for Leadership & Ethics at Emporia State University, spoke to the Wichita Pachyderm Club January 11, 2019, on the topic of Teaching the Morality of Free Enterprise.

Economic freedom improves our lives

Economic freedom, in countries where it is allowed to thrive, leads to better lives for people as measured in a variety of ways. This is true for everyone, especially for poor people.

Intellectuals vs. the rest of us

Why are so many opposed to private property and free exchange -- capitalism, in other words -- in favor of large-scale government interventionism? Lack of knowledge, or ignorance, is one answer, but there is another.

Cronyism is harmful to our standard of living

The growing partnership between business and government is a destructive force, undermining not just our economy and our political system, but the very foundations of our culture, writes Charles G. Koch.

Kansas freedom scorecard released

To help Kansans understand how legislators vote, Kansas Policy Institute has produced the Kansas Freedom Index for 2013.

Economic development in Wichita, the next step

Critics of the economic development policies in use by the City of Wichita are often portrayed as not being able to see and appreciate the good things these policies are producing, even though they are unfolding right before our very eyes. The difference is that some look beyond the immediate -- what is seen -- and ask "And then what will happen?" -- looking for the unseen.

Economic development incentives questioned

When the New York Times is concerned about the cost of government spending programs, it's a safe bet that things are really out of control. Its recent feature reports on economic development incentive programs that are costly and produce questionable benefits.

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