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Posts published in “Capitalism”

Myth: Markets promote greed and selfishness

Markets make it possible for the most altruistic, as well as the most selfish, to advance their purposes in peace, writes Tom G. Palmer.

Corporate cronyism harms America

When businesses feed at the federal trough, they threaten public support for business and free markets, explains Charles G. Koch.

Your local chamber of commerce: Working for you?

Is your local chamber of commerce supporting pro-growth policies that allow free enterprise and genuine capitalism to flourish, or is it supporting crony capitalism?

Charles Koch profiled in Forbes

A profile of Charles and David Koch in Forbes seems fair and balanced, but there are a few issues.

What’s wrong with Charles and David Koch?

Fran Tarkenton wonders: "So why do we vilify people who represent the greatness of America? Is it just because they have different political beliefs? It’s time to stop demonizing people who do things the right way and generate tremendous wealth -- and value to all Americans."

Free will and government charity

What I don't recall from Sunday school is any instance where Jesus implored the government to use force to transfer resources from one group to another, writes Jason Karber.

Intellectuals vs. the rest of us

Why are so many opposed to private property and free exchange -- capitalism, in other words -- in favor of large-scale government interventionism? Lack of knowledge, or ignorance, is one answer, but there is another.

Political cronyism has become the way

Cronyism is the practice of seeking business success through government rather than through markets. The difference is that business succeeds in the market by providing goods and services that people are willing to buy. Political cronyism, on the other hand, results in people being forced to buy from, or to otherwise involuntarily subsidize, certain business firms that have succeeded in the political arena.

Raising minimum wage not the solution

As calls mount to raise the federal minimum wage, we need to remember that this law -- as well-intentioned as it may be -- is not the solution to unemployment or raising the standard of living of workers.

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