Fish, sauce, and the law: You make the call

Should Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer vote on an upcoming issue before the Wichita City Council? The City of Wichita code seems to say he should not vote, but the Wichita City Attorney says the law doesn’t apply. This short video explains the issues. For more on this issue, see Wichita city code seemingly ignored.

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3 thoughts on “Fish, sauce, and the law: You make the call”

  1. A complaint should be filed with the Kansas Ethics Commission to have a record that Mayor Brewer has been cautioned about his unethical behavior. There are other agencies discretely reviewing records and several people associated with Mayor Brewer, as well as the Mayor himself.

  2. What about the first businessman’s construction company getting the airport remodeling contract when this firm was only the 2nd lowest bidder a year ago? It would be interesting to know who has the most campaign cash from this construction company and its high level employees’ donations to the mayor, or any other Wichita city council members.

    All that campaign cash is probably the reason that the mayor feels like he must trek on over to Butler County car lots when he needs a new set of wheels. That was one really bizarre story in the newspaper about a month ago, after it was reported that the mayor was checking out rides in the middle of the night at that car dealership.

    This is one devastating video that summarizes the sleaze at city hall in less than 2 minutes. I now have another reason to know who the winner will be when there is another big contract (the airport remodel was in nine figures) about to be decided at the city council. This is more evidence that the Chicago (or should I say, Kansas City-Pendergast) way is alive and well in Wichita.

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