WichitaLiberty.TV: The regulatory and administrative state

In this episode of WichitaLiberty.TV. Fred L. Smith, Jr. is the founder of the Competitive Enterprise Institute. He explains the problems with excessive regulation and a large administrative state. Episode 145, broadcast April 2, 2017. View below, or click here to view at YouTube.


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One thought on “WichitaLiberty.TV: The regulatory and administrative state”

  1. Fred Smith says the ‘regulatory state’ has become so big & complicated that our government bureaucracy lacks accountability. His solution? Create ‘work shops’ of ‘smart people’ from private business & government representatives?
    QUESTIONS: How are these ‘work shops’ to be held accountable? How legal under the US Constitution? How less regulatory? How does any ‘free market’ &/or free democratic republic function without ‘regulatory legislation & agencies?’ WORDS matter, Mr. Smith. Please choose them wisely.

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