Visualization: Kansas school employment

Kansas school employment and ratios to students in an interactive visualization. Updated through 2020.

Here are certified Kansas school employees by district presented in an interactive visualization. There are several views that express the data in different ways. The source of data is Kansas State Department of Education. 1

To access the visualization, click here.

For more visualizations, click here.

According to KSDE, certified employees include: “All certified personnel, calculated at full-time equivalency (FTE). This includes superintendents, associate/assistant superintendents, administrative assistants, principals, assistant principals, directors/supervisors of special education, directors/supervisors of health, directors/supervisors of vocational education, instructional coordinators/ supervisors, all other directors/supervisors, other curriculum specialists, practical arts/ vocational teachers, special education teachers, pre-kindergarten teachers, kindergarten teachers, all other teachers, library media specialists, school counselors, clinical or school psychologists, nurses, speech pathologists, audiologists, school social work services, reading specialists/teachers, and others. 2

PK-12 Teachers include: “Practical arts/vocational teachers, kindergarten teachers, pre-kindergarten teachers, reading specialists/teachers, and all other teachers, calculated at full-time equivalency. 3

These are not the only employees of school districts. 4

Example from the visualization. Click for larger.


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  4. There are also, according to KSDE, non-certified employees, which are Assistant Superintendents, Business Managers, Business Directors/Coordinators/Supervisors, Other Business Personnel, Maintenance and Operation Directors/Coordinators/Supervisors, Other Maintenance and Operation Personnel, Food Service Directors/Coordinators/Supervisors, Other Food Service Personnel, Transportation Directors/Coordinators/Supervisors, Other Transportation Personnel, Technology Director, Other Technology Personnel, Other Directors/Coordinators/Supervisors, Attendance Services Staff, Library Media Aides, LPN Nurses, Security Officers, Social Services Staff, Regular Education Teacher Aides, Coaching Assistant, Central Administration Clerical Staff, School Administration Clerical Staff, Student Services Clerical Staff, Special Education Paraprofessionals, Parents as Teachers, School Resource Officer, and Others. See Kansas State Department of Education. Non-Certified Personnel Report.
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