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After the tea party

The tea parties across the nation on tax day were a great start. Now is the time to start taking action.

Groups like American Majority exist to help candidates and activists. In particular, American Majority offers quality training events that train the people we need to run for office, or to help run campaigns, or to be activists.

Michelle Malkin on bloggers and tea party reaction

Saturday in Northbrook, Illinois, about 300 people gathered to attend an awards ceremony presented by the Sam Adams Alliance.

One of the presenters was Michelle Malkin, who has been at the forefront of blogging for a long time. She's also been involved in the recent tea party movement.

In her remarks (introducing my friend Chad Everson as winner of the best state blogger award), she talked about the differences between traditional news media and blogging.

The idiocy of Janeane Garofalo

Were tea party protesters a bunch of racist rednecks who hate having a black man in the White House? I guess it depends on who you talk to.

It's been reported widely for the past few days, so this is sort of old news. But Janeane Garofalo, who in some quarters is considered sage, offered this wisdom in an appearance on MSNBC television:

Wichita tax day tea party a success

Yesterday several thousand Wichitans and folks from all over Kansas met on a windswept field to register their discontent with Washington policies.

The crowd heard from some great speakers, some of which you can see at the WichitaLiberty YouTube channel.

Citizens had opinions, too. Common themes of frustration included too much spending, pork-barrel spending, and too much taxes.

Wichita tea party: citizens speak

At the tax day tea party in Wichita, citizens showed their protest signs and talked about the message they want to send to Washington.

Kansas tea party coverage

'Tea party' rally attracts 1,000 in Wichita (Wichita Eagle) "Cheryl Green donned a Paul Revere uniform Wednesday and rode on horseback through the fringes of the crowd at a taxpayer 'tea party' to protest the federal economic stimulus package. 'More taxes are coming! More taxes are coming!' Green shouted before climbing onto a stage in a field in west Wichita to address about 1,000 people who attended the event."

El Dorado, Kansas tax day tea party

The El Dorado TEA Party was held at the historic El Dorado Courthouse from 5 pm - 6 pm. We had a crowd of 175+ (plus lots of kids and 2 dogs ;0). The crowd was an excellent cross-section of families, young people, seniors, elected officials, men and women. Vicki Tiahrt gave a fiesty, dynamic speech after whisking in from the Salina and Emporia rallies and then hurried off to the Wichita TEA Party. Senator Ty Masterson left no questions about where he stood on the bailouts and escalating property taxes; he read some quotes from the DHS document defining "right-wing extremists" and commented that if those things were the definition of a right-wing extremist to sign him up! The event began with an invocation, the "Star Spangled Banner" and the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by Senator Masterson and Vicki Tiahrt. Several testimonies about property tax nightmares in Butler County followed with a rousing closing of "God Bless America."

Here’s something to do after the tea party

Shari Weber of American Majority talks about, an effort to build on the enthusiasm and momentum generated by the tea parties across the country. "American Majority can train you for the next steps once the party is over and the real work begins!"

Wichita tea party on tax day, 2009

At least 1,000 people showed up on a windy spring day in Wichita to protest spending and taxes. One of the most notable guests was patriot Cheryl Green, as shown below.

Wichita tea party updates

Tonight many people stopped by Spangle's restaurant at Kellogg and Broadway and joined in the signmaking party. Some great signs will be at the protest, not to mention the decorated plungers. (Flush twice, it's a long way to Washington, or, it's time to unclog the system.)

Why attend a tax day tea party protest?

This Wednesday, citizens across the country will attend tax day tea party protests across the country.

Why should you attend a tax day tea party protest in your town? After all, it seems a little counter-intuitive. Isn't the stimulus for our own good?

Tea party sign ideas

I think one of these is my original idea. The rest are borrowed or stolen.

Liberty: All the stimulus we need
Stimulus: the audacity of dopes
Give me liberty, not debt

Articles of Interest

Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission, Obama on education, tea parties, federal reserve.

What will you do after the tea party?

Across the nation, people are planning tea party protests next Wednesday April 15. These protests are sure to attract many people and garner media coverage. At the Wichita tea party we expect hundreds to attend.

That's fine for that one day. But to create change in our country, there must be sustained activism. That's hard to do. It requires a variety of things, one of which is knowing what to do.

That's where groups like American Majority can help

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