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Tax day tea parties in Kansas announced

Several tea party events have been announced for tax day, April 15, in Kansas. Cities include Wichita, Hutchinson, Salina, Wamego, Manhattan, Olathe, Burlington, Lakin, Fort Scott, and Kansas City.


In Wichita, the event is titled “From Wichita to Washington DC.” Organizers announce that they are closing Central west of Main between the Wichita City Building and the Sedgwick County Courthouse.

The date is Thursday, April 15 from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm. A Wichita Eagle news story previewing the event, complete with a list of speakers, is Radio host to attend tea party event in Wichita.

For more information on this TEA Party contact Lynda Tyler at 316-722-8031 or email at [email protected]. Also, see Kansans for Liberty. Please Send Donations to Kansans For Liberty 11509 Valley Hi Drive Wichita, KS 67209.


In Hutchinson, the event is hosted by the Reno County Patriot Freedom Alliance. The event is April 15, starting at 6:00 pm at the Hutchinson Sports Arena.

Organizers say they will have speakers, booths, candidates and vendors. For more information contact: Jinny Walz at 620-664-6785 (landline) or 620-202-1212 (cell), or by email at [email protected].

Kansas City

In Kansas City, the KC Metro Tax Day TEA Party is being hosted by PoliticalChips.org. It’s on April 15 at the Community American Ballpark (home of the KC T-Bones).

Organizers say: “Admission is free (although contributions at the gate would be greatly appreciated). If you are a Vendor or a Exhibitor, you may reserve a 6 foot table for the April 15th Tea Party by visiting the event website PoliticalChips.org.

We have plenty of great personalities, including you, live music, and a heavy dose of military tributes lined up for the show. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.”

For more information, contact Alex Poulter 913-708-0292, Leslie Schmidt 913-220-7672, or Christina Blair 913-634-4155


There is also a TEA Party in Salina sponsored by the Salina TEA Party. The party is titled “State of the People Address.” We have invited national, state and local officials to come and listen to what the people have to say about the state of affairs in our city, state and national governments. For more information, go to salinateaparty.com.


A Tax Day Tea Party is scheduled for April 15 in Wamego at the city park at 9:00 am. Contact Jud Jones at 785-776-2221.


April 15 on the courthouse steps at 6:00pm. Contact Chuck Henderson.


11:00am on April 15 at the Olathe Courthouse. See teapartypatriots.org.


11am-1pm on April 10 at Free Residence. Contact Wes Weller at 620-256-6775.


5:00 pm to 8:00 pm on April 15 at Hwy 25 and 50. Contact Debbie Jordan at 620-275-4023.

Fort Scott

Noon to 1:00 pm on April 15 at Memorial Hall. Contact Gayle Sackett at 620-223-4211.


9:00 am on April 15 at the Courthouse. For more information, contact: Jane Falley, [email protected]


April 15 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm at Memorial Park, 6th & Merchant. For more information, contact Barb Nichols, 620-343-3289.

Mound City

April 14 from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm at the Linn County Courthouse. For more information, contact: [email protected]

Tea party impact to be topic of panel

This Friday the Wichita Pachyderm Club features a panel discussion with panelists Susan Estes, Lynda Tyler, and Dion Lefler discussing the topic “What is the political impact, if any, of the Tea Party movement?” Estes is Field Director for Americans for Prosperity-Kansas, Tyler is head of Kansans for Liberty and organizer of the last two tea party events in Wichita, and Lefler is a Wichita Eagle reporter who covers politics at several levels.

All are welcome to attend Pachyderm club meetings. The program costs $10, which includes a delicious buffet lunch including salad, soup, two main dishes, and ice tea and coffee. The meeting starts at noon, although it’s recommended to arrive fifteen minutes early to get your lunch before the program starts.

The Wichita Petroleum Club is on the ninth floor of the Bank of America Building at 100 N. Broadway (north side of Douglas between Topeka and Broadway) in Wichita, Kansas (click for a map and directions). Park in the garage just across Broadway and use the sky walk to enter the Bank of America building. Bring your parking garage ticket to be stamped and your parking fee will be only $1.00. There is usually some metered and free street parking nearby.

Tea party leaders analysis released

The Sam Adams Alliance, an organization that supports free market principles, has released a study that examines tea party leaders, their thoughts, and their motivations. It found that many tea party leaders are new to political activism, and having experienced empowerment, are ready to move to the next step of activism. “This is their time to act,” the report concludes.

While it is often thought that the tea party movement might blossom into a third party, that wasn’t the sentiment of those surveyed: “A striking 85.7 percent said ‘No’ when asked if they were in favor of moving in the direction of a Third Party.” Eric O’Keefe, Chairman of the Sam Adams Alliance, wrote in his letter introducing the analysis: “We found a deep distrust of current political leaders and both political parties, but strong understanding that practical considerations argue against a third party.”

Political party affiliation was largely Republican: “61.7 percent Republican, 27.7 percent Independent, and 10.6 percent Tea Party.”

Social issues were not important to the respondents. Instead, fiscal and economic issues are the focus: “91.7 percent said ‘budget’ is “very important, followed by the ‘economy’ at 85.4 percent, and ‘defense’ at 79.6 percent.”

The tea party leaders are relatively new to politics: “46.9% were uninvolved or rarely involved with politics prior to 2009.” Also: “Tea Party activists are for the most part new to this role. They are neither practiced nor polished in activism; but having experienced a taste of the empowerment that comes with action, they feel more than ever that this is their time to act.”

But tea party leaders are self-aware and want to advance the movement: “They are also motivated to take this to the next level — and are actively preparing for a phase two.”

Read the report and learn more about the Sam Adams Alliance at Activist Insights. A direct link to the report is The Early Adopters.

Kansas news digest

News from alternative media around Kansas for February 22, 2010.

Proponents of bill want to force ‘charity’

(Kansas Liberty) “Kansas hospitals say they have been stepping up to the plate and helping individuals with their health bills, but left-wing organizations say the goodwill assistance needs to be required by law.”

Senate kills attempt to abolish death penalty

(Kansas Liberty) “The Kansas Senate deliberated today for several hours on whether to repeal the state’s death penalty. Much of the debate focused on how legislators’ religion played into their decision to either support or oppose the legislation and whether the families of victims sought the death penalty for offenders.”

Unelected SOS to make crucial appointment in 2010

(Kansas Liberty) “Because of the timing of former Secretary of State Ron Thornburgh’s resignation, the person Gov. Mark Parkinson appoints to replace Thornburgh will have the ability to make an appointment of his own, in addition to serving on the state’s three-member canvassing board.”

Kansas Senator Tom Holland Announces Democratic Bid For Governor

(State of the State KS) “Kansas Senator Tom Holland (D) announced his bid to become the next Governor of Kansas on Wednesday.”

Water Conservation Raises Concern of Stockpiling for Financial Gain

(State of the State KS) “A water conservation effort raised concerns over hording of water for financial gain when other businesses around the state could put the water to use.”

Tea Party Activists Vet Candidates at Winter Rally

(State of the State KS) “Republican and Libertarian candidates campaign for votes with Tea Party activists on Saturday in Wichita.”

Texting ban passes Senate

(Kansas Health Institute News Service) “TOPEKA – The Kansas Senate has approved a ban on sending text messages and e-mails while driving. The Senate approved Senate Bill 351 by a margin of 34-6 after making the penalty for a first-time offense a $100 fine. Use of a hands-free cellular telephone while driving would not be an offense and e-mailing or texting would be allowed in emergencies.”

Child welfare hearings rescheduled

(Kansas Health Institute News Service) “TOPEKA – Blame it on the blizzard. The chairman of the House Federal and State Affairs Committee said he had to reschedule a series of hearings on child welfare issues because he couldn’t reach the featured speakers, both of whom work in Washington, D.C.”

Bankers see bleak job prospects for Kansans

(Kansas Reporter) “TOPEKA, Kan. – Prospects for Kansas’ and the Midwest’s struggling economies took a turn for the worse in February on bleaker jobs prospsects, according to a monthly survey of bank executives. The Rural Mainstreet Index, an economic barometer for small town economies in 11 Midwestern states, dropped to 36.6 in February from 41.1 in January, primarily because of an expected drop in new job opportunities, reports Creighton University economist Ernie Goss, one of the creators of of the monthly survey.”

Kansas needs stronger plan for tax breaks, audit finds

(Kansas Reporter) “TOPEKA, Kan. – Kansas needs a stronger system for determining when to grant tax breaks to a wide variety of charities, public service groups, business development organizations and others, say two state audits released Wednesday.”

Audit: Redrawing court districts would save millions

(Kansas Reporter) “TOPEKA, Kan. – Crunching Kansas’ 31 state judicial districts into 13 potentially would save the state about $6.2 million annually, legislative auditors told the Kansas House Appropriations Committee Tuesday.”

Smoking Ban Advocate Says Some Claims Just Smoke

(Kansas Watchdog) “Opponents to a statewide total smoking ban say anti-tobacco advocates are playing a little loose with their facts. They have an unlikely ally in Michael Siegel, a medical doctor and professor of community health sciences at Boston University’s School of Public Health. He’s a long-standing anti-tobacco advocate, a proponent of smoking bans and a strong critic of bad science.”

Schools for Fair Funding Proceeds with Lawsuit; Permits No-notice Meetings

(Kansas Watchdog) “NEWTON – Schools for Fair Funding (SFFF) voted today to proceed with a lawsuit seeking an increase in state education funding. Today’s meeting was the first since the Kansas Supreme Court’s rejection last week of the group’s petition to reopen the Montoy case mandating increased funding for K-12 public education. The group also made several changes to its bylaws, including one that allows an expanded board of directors to hold unannounced meetings.”

Kansas Supreme Court Justice asks Ethics Commission for opinion

(Kansas Watchdog) “TOPEKA – On Wednesday Kansas Supreme Court Justice Carol Beier asked the Ethics Commission whether the retention election for the position of Justice of the Kansas Supreme Court was governed by the Kansas Campaign Finance Act. One member of the commission commented about the irony of a Supreme Court justice asking for an opinion in a legal matter.”

Government payrolls show continuing, long-term growth as private sector jobs decline

(Kansas Watchdog) “Kansas continues to lose private sector jobs as it adds more taxpayer-funded government jobs, a trend mirrored at the national level. The private sector lost 57,900 jobs between December 2007 and December 2009 while government added 3,200 jobs in Kansas according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Local government grew the most over the two years, adding 2,000 jobs for a total of 182,900 jobs in the state, followed closely by the federal government which added 1,900 jobs for a total of 26,000. State government jobs decreased by 700 to 53,100 jobs.”

Wichita winter tea party: it’s inside this Saturday

Kansans For Liberty is hosting a tea party this Saturday February 20 at Century II Exhibition Hall. It starts at 1:00 pm.

Lynda Tyler, the organizer for this event, says that there are two levels to this event: A stage with organizations, candidates, a forum, ending with keynote speaker Apostle Claver.

The other level is the decorated tables around the outside of the room representing organizations and campaigns from all over Kansas.

The event is free to the public. There will be raffles for flags, baskets, dinners to Mike’s Steakhouse, and two tickets to see Sarah Palin at the Intrust Bank Arena in May. Raffle tickets are $1.00 each or 3 for $2.00. The door prize drawing is for two tickets to the VIP Round Table breakfast with Mike Huckabee on February 24th at 8:15 that morning.

There is an after rally VIP Fundraising Dinner with Apostle Claver at Whiskey Creek Steakhouse. Tickets for this event are $50.00.

Radio personality Paul Ibbetson, host of “The Conscious of Kansas” on Wildcat 91.1 in Manhattan, will emcee the event.

Candidates for the United State Senate Todd Tiahrt and Jerry Moran will address the crowd early in the event.

Insurance Commissioner candidate David Powell will speak, followed by Dr. George Watson speaking on health care issues facing America Today.

The Independence Caucus group will explain their vetting process that will help voters understand the various positions and views of the candidates who have gone through the process. They will also introduce the congressional candidates who have gone through this process and where you can find the results online.

The Fair Tax KC group will be here with a plan to eliminate the IRS.

There are two state sovereignty organizations coming that have been instrumental in the push for Kansas to send a resolution to Washington DC so that we will no longer tolerate the federal government stepping on the constitutional rights of the states and their citizens.

Kansas Libertarian Party chairman Andrew P. Gray will speak on the party’s 2010 plans and activities.

The Great American Forum will take about an hour to showcase the U.S. Congressional Candidates for the 4th District.

The keynote speaker is “Apostle Claver” T. Kamau-Imani, founder and chairman of www.ragingelephants.org He is a dynamic speaker whose mission includes getting people to “Vote their values — not a party.”

KansansforLiberty.com has details and more information, including a list of the organizations confirmed to be at the Winter Rally.

Wichita’s tea party critics examined

On Wednesday, the Tea Party Express stopped in Wichita for a rally. Quite a few people attended — more on that in a moment — and the reaction to the event by Wichita’s Left perhaps says more about them than the protesters.

On several online discussion forums, including the Wichita Eagle editorial blog, there was a great deal of discussion concerning the number of people that attended the event. Several seemed particularly obsessed with discounting the attendance figure reported by the Wichita Eagle, which wrote “Organizers estimated the crowd at 1,500 to 1,700. Police at the scene estimated it at 2,000.” One Kansas blog wrote about this in a post, concluding “So, for the Eagle to pump the numbers seemed, well, like they were pandering.”

I don’t know how many people attended this event, but accusations that the Wichita Eagle caters to the interests of conservatives — either the newsroom or the editorial page — are laughable.

Another criticism leveled by the Left is that the tea party protesters weren’t protesting when President George Bush did A, B, C, D, or E. Memory may be selective here, as many, such as myself, were quite critical of many Bush policies, and many did not vote for him.

But there’s no doubt that many people have had their political awareness heightened by the excesses of the Obama administration. In any case, for critics to charge that someone can’t protest now because they didn’t protest then is not a valid complaint. When is someone allowed to start being involved?

Besides, there’s a measure of irony in the Left criticizing people for failing to protest something they support — increased government spending. As mentioned here and elsewhere, Bush was the champion of discretionary spending.

Another cause of the Left — regulation — exploded under the Bush administration. The aptly-subtitled article Obama’s assertions to the contrary, the 43rd president was the biggest regulator since Nixon explains.

The fact that some of these protesters may just now becoming politically active leads to a scurrilous charge the Left loves to make: that these protesters are criticizing President Obama only because he is not the same race as the largely white protesters. Comments left to the Wichita Eagle article included “It may be that some of these ‘tea party’ people don’t think that a black man has the mental capacity to be a President.” Another said “the only thing that missing from the video was a confederate flag flying with a picture of Obama sporting a Hitler mustache.”

Contrary to our idiot former president Jimmy Carter, it’s possible to be opposed to nearly all of Obama’s policies without being motivated by race. All that’s required is reason and a love for freedom and liberty.

Charges of racism are easy to make, and making them allows the accuser to sidestep meaningful discussion of Obama’s policies while appearing to take the moral high ground at the same time. (By the way, a common protest sign seen during the Bush presidency was Bush with a Hitler mustache.)

A similar content-free critique of the tea party protesters is their lack of diversity. Whether the lack of diversity among the tea party protesters means anything is doubtful, unless you support diversity for its own sake. That’s what some people call the “new racism” — the notion that one’s race determines one’s identity and political beliefs.

Tea Party Express Wichita 2009-11-04 074Wichita tea party protest sign

There is diversity of political thought among the tea party protesters. One of my favorite homemade protest signs quoted Lysander Spooner: “A man is no less a slave because he is allowed to choose a new master once in a term of years.”

Another young man carried a sign that read “minarchist.” I’ll let readers look up that term on their own, but it’s quite far removed from what most conservatives believe.

Some, maybe even most, of the comments left by tea party critics are hateful. One comment to the Eagle coverage read: “A lot of hate on this comment board. That it is coming from the ‘hope and change’ crowd tells you something.”

A sign carried by counter-protesters Wednesday read “Reagan, not dead enough.” Hateful, indeed.

Sometimes critics are misinformed. One exchange in the Eagle article comments went like this: “‘Get a job and go buy your own healthcare like the rest of us…’ Yea, and what about those of us who are self employed and are DENIED healthcare???”

This self employed person may not be aware of the Kansas Health Insurance Association, which states its purpose as this: “to provide access to health insurance coverage to all residents of the state who are unable to obtain individual health insurance.” Many states have such an organization.

There’s also the controversy surrounding sponsorship or support of the tea parties: the charge of “Astroturf” or fake grassroots political activity. The Left’s constant canard is that there are “shadowy” groups such as Americans For Prosperity and FreedomWorks that run the tea parties. Since these groups don’t have to disclose their donors, all sorts of speculation runs wild. In particular, the connection between Wichita’s own Koch Industries and AFP is mentioned. Often an incorrect connection between Koch Industries and FreedomWorks is included, too.

I inquired about these connections, and I received this reply a Koch Industries spokesperson: “Koch Industries, the Koch foundations, and Charles and David Koch have no ties to and have never given money to FreedomWorks.

Regarding AFP, the connection with Koch philanthropic interests is well-known. Specific details are laid out in a recent Newsmax.com article. It turns out that Koch support for AFP and the AFP Foundation is only a small proportion of these organizations’ total funding picture: “Less than 5 percent of the funding AFP or the AFP Foundation has received in 2009 has been contributed by David Koch, Koch Industries, or Koch foundations.”

Furthermore, the AFP organizations have over 50,000 donors and 700,000 members. That’s a broad base of both financial support and membership identification.

While the local Wichita AFP office has helped facilitate some of the Wichita tea party events, it was not involved in the promotion or production of this week’s event except to mention it in emails to its members. Derrick Sontag, the Kansas AFP state director also spoke, as did a number of local speakers. While AFP has members from across the nation, only 24 states have local chapters. The tea party movement, however, is nationwide.

There is, however, one criticism from the Left that has some validity: When seniors on Medicare protest government health care, don’t they realize who is paying their medical bills? More about this issue in a future post.

Related content: Tea Party Express in Wichita a success.

Tea Party Express in Wichita a success

Related content: Wichita’s tea party critics examined.

Today a large crowd — some people estimated the crowd at 1,500 to 1,700 — gathered on a beautiful fall day in Wichita for a stop of the Tea Party Express. The crowd enjoyed speeches and music. About 30 motorcyclists escorted the bus to Lawrence-Dumont Stadium.

My photos are here, or click here for a slideshow.

Tea Party Express in Wichita

Wednesday, November 4, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm, in the parking lot of Lawrence-Dumont Stadium, Sycamore and Maple Streets in Wichita. This is a stop on the nationwide tour of the bus and speakers.

“At each stop the tour will highlight some of the worst offenders in Congress who have voted for higher spending, higher taxes, and government intervention in the lives of American families and businesses. These Members of Congress have infringed upon the freedom of the individual in this great nation, and its time for us to say: ‘Enough is Enough!’ The ‘Tea Party Express’ tour will feature leaders in the anti-tax, conservative, tea party movement along with musical performances of ‘American Tea Party Anthem’ and ‘A Bailout Song’ at each tea party event.”

Visit the Tea Party Express website for more information.

Dale Swenson, tea party critic, a barrel of laughs

Today’s Wichita Eagle contains a story (Tea party organizers: We paid for event) covering the dust-up between a member of the Kansas House of Representatives and tea party organizers.

The state representative — Dale Swenson, a Democrat whose district covers parts of southwest Wichita — said of the tea party event: “We need taxes to support their protests.”

Today’s Eagle story reports on organizer Lynda Tyler’s expenditures necessary to put on the event. It’s much the same information as in her statement presented in my post Wichita tea party paid its expenses from Sunday.

In his defense, Swenson told the Eagle “I was just being funny.”

Actually, joking around might be a believable defense in Swenson’s case. For example, last November he was re-elected to the Kansas House as a Republican. Then, just two months later, he decided he was really a Democrat and switched parties. I wonder if the voters in his district think that was a funny joke.

When running for the Kansas House for the first time in 1994, Swenson, according to a profile in the Wichita Eagle, was in favor of 12-year term limits for the Legislature and Congress. He must have been joking around then, because as is the case with many politicians who are initially in favor of term limits, he decided that term limits are just a funny joke, too.

Wichita tea party paid its expenses

After Friday’s American Tea Party in Wichita, complaints rolled in. The Wichita Eagle article reporting on the event drew over 200 comments, many complaining about one or another aspect of over 700 people gathering for a peaceful event.

In particular, the squawking of one member of the Kansas House of Representatives only revealed the ignorance of the speaker in his attempt at finding irony. As reported on the Wichita Eagle’s editorial blog: “‘We need taxes to support their protests.’ — Rep. Dale Swenson, D-Wichita, about how Friday’s anti-tax tea party was held at the county-owned and taxpayer-supported Sedgwick County Park.”

As reported in the following submission by event organizer Lynda Tyler, the tea party paid quite a sum in order to use the park.

Those who came to the TEA party had an enjoyable evening. The compliments were 10 to 1 over complaints and frankly those were all valid complaints that could only have been fixed with more resources.

What gets me are those who like to hide behind their computer and nip at the ankles of those who are actually getting off their buttocks and doing something. Even if that something is waving a flag and socializing with like minded individuals. But there are two reoccurring comments that are really getting to me and I would like to address them.

One is the criticisms is the “irony” of holding the event at a public park. They claim that the “taxpayers paid for our protest.” Taxpayers paid for our protest about as much as they pay for any other event held out there. We were charged a large event rental of the property of $310. Since we were following the laws and contracts we had to pay for our own $500,000 liability insurance policy to protect the public lands against damage. That policy cost $682. Then instead of depending on tax paid facilities our contract with the county required we supply our own portable restrooms, trash bins and trash pickup of $580. The county sheriff’s department required that we hire two off duty officers for $240. During setup we discovered that there is barely enough power there to run a hair dryer so we had to rent a generator to run the food vendors for another $72. So all in all our “public park” cost us $1,884 to use. Did any of you pay that for your kids’ birthday party or to walk your dog out there?

Now had we done this the way most liberal protests we have seen over the years, we would have gone downtown (without permits), walked down the middle of the street during rush hour (blocking traffic), assaulted those in opposition (like the police), turned over and set fire to any cars that got in the way (destroyed property), thrown rocks through business windows (destroying property without insurance), and the county (tax payer) would not only have to pay for the clean up but for the police who had to use riot gear to stop the protest and then the expenses of arresting some protesters, pay for their public defender attorney and possibly pay for their room and board while the protester was in jail.

None of that happened at our TEA Party. All were welcome and nobody got hurt, arrested, or assaulted. There was very little trash to pick up after it was over and the vendors and groups were all very happy. We had people of opposing views there and they were treated with respect and welcomed to participate.

Tea party and fine weather tonight in Wichita

Tonight, at 6:00 pm at the Sedgwick County Park, Kansans For Liberty hosts “An American Tea Party.” It looks to be a great event, with many speakers and exhibitors.

The weather looks to be nice, too. By 6:00 pm, the starting time, the forecast calls for a temperature of 79 degrees, with partly cloudy skies and light northeast winds. Probability of rain is 0%.

For more information, see my post Wichita tea party more than protest and Lynda Tyler’s site Kansans For Liberty.

Wichita tea party more than protest

This Friday, August 28, Wichita’s having another tea party. This event seems more like a carnival or fair, although the spirit of protest and discontent — especially regarding the proposed energy and health care bills — will likely be on display.

I spoke with organizer Lynda Tyler. She says that this event is more than just a tea party. “It’s a ‘get involved’ event where people can come and find an organization or candidate they would like to support and get involved with.”

“People are angry and frustrated. They don’t know what to do or where to go to make a difference. That is why we are hosting this event.”

“Many talk about non-partisan organizations. Kansans for Liberty is a multi-partisan organization — we have Republicans, Independents, Libertarians and conservative Democrats involved in this organization.”

The Kansans for Liberty website is at kansansforliberty.com. This site holds more information about the event, including a map to the site at the Sedgwick County Park.

Unfortunately, one Democrat who will not be able to attend is Nancy Armstrong, who tragically died in July. Nancy brought the first tea party protest event to Wichita at the end of February.

The event is Friday, August 28, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, at the Sedgwick County Park, 6501 W. 21st St North in Wichita. That’s just west of the Sedgwick County Zoo.

There will be food vendors and restrooms. Lynda says to be sure to bring your own chairs.

Admission is free, and donations will be accepted to defray the substantial costs of holding this event.

Here’s a list of speakers appearing at this event.

  • Paul Ibbetson — Author & Radio Personality — the Conscience of Kansas www.ibbetsonusa.com
  • Jim Anderson — Candidate for United States Congress 4th District
  • Dick Kelsey — Candidate for United States Congress 4th District
  • Mike Pompeo — Candidate for United States Congress 4th District
  • Kansas Senator Jean Schodorf — Candidate for United States Congress 4th District
  • David Powell — Candidate for Kansas Insurance Commissioner
  • Flint Hills Center for Public Policy — www.flinthills.org — President Dave Trabert on Hidden State Funds
  • Wichita — South Central Kansas 9-12 Group — Proponents of the 10th Amendment
  • Americans for Prosperity www.AmericansForProsperity.org/Kansas
  • Kansas State Rifle Association — State NRA affiliate — President, Patricia Stoneking on the 2nd Amendment
  • The Kansas Coalition for Life — “Abortion isn’t Healthcare” petition signing — www.Abortionisnothealthcare.com
  • Wichita Pachyderm Club www.wichitapachyderm.net
  • Sedgwick County Pachyderm Club www.scpcwichita.org
  • Republican Women United www.republicanwomenunited.net
  • Kansans for Liberty — Sponsor of this event www.kansansforliberty.com
  • Kansas Libertarian Party — www.lpks.org
  • The John Birch Society — www.jbs.org
  • Dennis Hedke — Hedke-Saenger Geoscience, Ltd.- Myth about Global Warming
  • Morticians for National Health Care Reform — www.morticiansforhealthcare.com — an Anti-ObamaCare group.
  • Roy Helm — Will be singing the Star Spangled Banner — www.ChaseandCompany.com

For a printable flyer, click on American Tea Party in Wichita.

Tea party event planned in Wichita

Here’s a message from Lynda Tyler.

Kansans for Liberty presents

An American Tea Party

Friday, August 28, 2009, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Sedgwick County Park, Wichita, Kansas (Click for a Google map to this location.)

This is more than a protest, it is a celebration of patriotism and an opportunity.

People want to get involved but don’t know where to go to become involved. This event invites you, your organizations, your business, your campaigns and your government agencies to showcase what you have to offer.

We have a large enough area that we are offering areas where a group can set up a table, tent or booth to hand out literature, sign up members, sign petitions, solicit campaign funds, register voters and invite people to volunteer and become more active citizens.

If you want to do a fundraiser we are looking for people who want to provide food and beverages or other types of vendors. The cost of a space is $100.00.

This event is expensive to put on so we would appreciate ANY and all possible donations. This event will include music, speeches, presentations, vendors, food and beverage. The idea is to have fun, be heard and get involved.

It is a NON-Partisan event and will be free to the public. Everyone who behaves courteously is welcome regardless of their party affiliation.

Send donations or space requests to:

Kansans for Liberty
11509 Valley Hi Drive
Wichita, KS 67209

For more information call Lynda Tyler at 316-722-8031 or email to [email protected]. The website is at Kansans for Liberty.

Wichita July 4 tea party coverage

There’s some coverage of the Wichita, Kansas tea party on television. Click on Wichita tea party coverage on KSN TV to view coverage from KSN Television.

Susan Estes, Western Kansas Field Director for AFP-Kansas does a great job explaining the spirit behind the tea parties.

Jason Kravarik, the reporter for KSN Television, as part of the story consulted a Wichita State University professor who expressed doubt about the ability of the tea party movement to generate broad appeal. That’s a problem that those who advocate for freedom face. Many people have a stake in the government continuing to dish out goodies. Those who simply want to be left alone to pursue their lives and happiness in freedom are a distinct minority.

By the way, KSN reporter Kravarik is benefiting from government in a way that you and I probably can’t. He lives in a downtown condominium building that is seeking to extend Wichita’s facade improvement program in ways it hasn’t been applied. In order for Kravarik’s building to benefit — and he did sign the petition that pleads for this special treatment — the city will have to waive two standards that buildings have previously had to meet in order to qualify for special assessment financing. See In Wichita, special assessment financing gone wild for details.

Future of the tea party protests

The Washington Times ponders the future of the tea party protest movement in Anti-tax crusade to storm Capitol.

One promising sign: “In some areas we’ve noticed tea party activists are getting involved in local government in school boards [and] town councils.”

When I speak to groups and talk about the size of local government, people are astonished to learn that the school district is often the biggest spender. Locally, in round numbers, the budget of Sedgwick Count is $400 million, of the City of Wichita, $500 million, and of the Wichita School District, $600 million. (Except that the school district and the government school spending lobby won’t admit that figure.)

So are these tea parties just a wing of the Republican Party? Here’s more from the article: “Republicans, however, have been just as unsuccessful in tapping into this group of voters Mr. Steinhauser describes as ‘sort of a mixture of libertarians, independent-minded people who lean conservative and even Democrats who are leery of all this spending in Congress.'”

Rasmussen: 51% View Tea Parties Favorably, Political Class Strongly Disagrees

From Rasmussen:

Fifty-one percent (51%) of Americans have a favorable view of the “tea parties” held nationwide last week, including 32% who say their view of the events is Very favorable. … While half the nation has a favorable opinion of last Wednesday’s events, the nation’s Political Class has a much dimmer view—just 13% of the political elite offered even a somewhat favorable assessment while 81% said the opposite. Among the Political Class, not a single survey respondent said they had a Very Favorable opinion of the events while 60% shared a Very Unfavorable assessment. … David Axelrod, a top adviser to President Obama, on Sunday characterized the protests in dozens of cities on the day federal income taxes are due as potentially “unhealthy.”

Wow. It’s “unhealthy” when people disagree with the administration’s policies. I didn’t know that. I wonder if Obama’s health care plan will refuse to provide coverage for illness induced by protest. A pre-existing condition, perhaps?

Read the entire story by clicking on 51% View Tea Parties Favorably, Political Class Strongly Disagrees.

Tillman story may leave wrong impression of Wichita tea party

The Wichita Eagle news story Democrat Tillman enters race for 4th District seat may give its readers an incorrect impression of the Wichita tea party protest held on tax day.

In the story, the reporter quotes Robert Tillman as saying “Confederate flags (were) flown at the Republican tea party.”

The first half of this statement is true, but hardly indicative of the sentiment of tea party protesters.

I have about 360 photographs that I took at the tea party. Looking at them, I saw one confederate flag.

I called Robert Tillman, the subject of the story and whose quote appears above, and asked him how many of these flags he saw. He said “at least two.”

At least 2,000 people attended the Wichita tea party. So a rate of one confederate flag per 1,000 people, I’d venture to say, hardly supports the impression that readers may get from this story.

By the way, an informal survey by a television reporter of 100 people at the tea party found 46 who identified themselves as Republicans. So the claim that it was a “Republican tea party” is not substantiated either.