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Posts tagged as “Wichita city government”

City comeback bingo

Wichita has amenities that are promoted as creating an uncommonly superior quality of life here, but many are commonplace across the country.

The Making of the Wichita Mayor 2019

There are eight major lessons for Wichita voters when they cast their ballots on or before November 5, 2019, concerning the revelations of favoritism involving the mayor, apparently a majority of the city council, and a number of Wichita businesses and businessmen concerning a proposed massive city water plant contract that is close to half a billion dollars, writes Karl Peterjohn.

Wichita jobs and employment, August 2019

For the Wichita metropolitan area in August 2019, the labor force is up, the number of unemployed persons is down, the unemployment rate is down, and the number of people working is up, all by small amounts, when compared to the same month one year ago. Seasonal data shows small increases in labor force and jobs from July.

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