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Who does the proposed Wichita sales tax harm?

Analysis of household expenditure data shows that a proposed sales tax in Wichita affects low income families in greatest proportion, confirming the regressive nature of sales taxes.

For Wichita’s Williams, $1.33 per month is too much

When Wichita city council member Lavonta Williams voted in favor of the Wichita sales tax ballot placement, did she understand that anyone who spends $133.00 per month on taxable purchases will see a $1.33 rise in their monthly sales tax expense?

Fostering economic growth in Wichita

Kansas Policy Institute is hosting a conference titled "Fostering Economic Growth in Wichita," focusing on the economic development, or jobs, portion of the proposed sales tax.

Jennifer Baysinger: More than one business voice in Wichita

There truly is no need to rush such an important decision that will cost us all. Voters should reject this haphazard proposal. Let’s start over and make a real effort to engage our community’s citizens to find out what we all can do to make this great City even better. Let’s invest in ourselves, not some committee whose job is to give away our tax money.

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