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Posts tagged as “Visualizations”

Following are visualizations of data. Many are interactive and created using Tableau Public. In some cases I’ve recorded myself using the visualization to tell a story, and all you have to do is watch.

Job growth in the states

How does your state compare to others in job growth? Is your state growing private sector of government jobs fastest? The interactive visualization below can help you explores this data.

State and local tax burden visualized

For two decades the Tax Foundation has estimated the combined state and local tax burden for all the states. I've created an interactive visualization that lets you compare states and see trends in rank over time.

Trends in government spending

The interactive visualization below may help you appreciate the trend in federal and local government spending.

Obama will need more economic growth

To pay for the Obama taxing and spending agenda, the country will need much more economic growth. Unfortunately, the rate of growth is slowing just when we need greater rates of growth.

GDP growth by state and region

Here is a visualization that shows the rate of growth of gross domestic product (GDP) by state, regions, and the entire country.

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