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Posts tagged as “Visualizations”

Following are visualizations of data. Many are interactive and created using Tableau Public. In some cases I’ve recorded myself using the visualization to tell a story, and all you have to do is watch.

State employment visualizations

There's been dueling claims and controversy over employment figures in Kansas and our state's performance relative to others. I present the actual data in interactive visualizations that you can use to make up your own mind.

Kansas gross domestic product

Kansas is right about in the middle of the states for growth in gross domestic product.

For Wichita’s economic development machinery, failure

Compared to a broad group of peer metropolitan areas, Wichita performs very poorly. As Wichita embarks upon a new era of economic development, we need to ask who to trust with this important task.

Job growth, Kansas and other states

Critics of Kansas Governor Sam Brownback may not know that Kansas has produced substandard performance in job growth for a long time.

Wichita-area income growth

Data shows that Wichita has not performed well compared to our peer metropolitan areas.

Wichita Airport traffic: The video

To keep airfares low at the Wichita Airport, the Wichita City Council in partnership with Sedgwick County and the State of Kansas pays a discount air carrier to operate in Wichita. While the program almost certainly has the intended effect on airfares, there is another effect: The trend of flights and seats available in Wichita is declining, and faster than for the nation as a whole.

Kansas school spending, by district

For each school district (and state totals) you can see the trend in each of the three sources of school funding (state, federal, and local) along with the total

Kansas school spending, visualized

Now that Kansas State Department of Education has released spending figures for the 2012-2013 school year, I've gathered the data and prepared two interactive visualizations.

Kansas job levels

Here's an interactive visualization of Kansas statewide job levels.

Kansas school employment trends

Kansas school employment statistics don't reflect the doom-and-gloom stories you may have heard from Kansas political leaders and newspaper editorialists.

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