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Kansas and Wichita quick takes: Wednesday May 11, 2011

Today: Kansas Arts Commission layoffs; sculpture spending in Wichita; how much more can we soak the rich; school reform in Kansas, this year's edition; Wichita teacher cuts; real estate to be topic at Pachyderm, followed by tours; immigration.

Kansas and Wichita quick takes: Monday January 31, 2011

Today: Some downtown Wichita properties plummet in value; Kansas Days; Mises University; "Rosa Parks moment" for education; the state against blacks; politics and city managers; Wednesdays in Wiedemann; Professor Cornpone; Government bird chirping.

Tiahrt, in close campaign, comes in second

At an election night watch party at the Hilton Hotel in Wichita, supporters of Todd Tiahrt in his campaign for United States Senate were encouraged by early returns from Sedgwick and Johnson counties.

Kansas news digest

News from alternative media around Kansas for June 25, 2010.

Club for Growth gives slight nod to Tiahrt over Moran

That caveat aside, let's look at how the Club ranked members of the Kansas House delegation, particularly Todd Tiahrt and Jerry Moran. These two are candidates for the Republican party nomination for the U.S. Senate. It is commonly thought that the winner of this August Republican primary election will cruise to victory in the November general election.

Tiahrt rally features Rove endorsement

On Saturday, about 300 supporters of Todd Tiahrt gathered in a steamy hot airport hanger in Wichita to hear the Congressman and his guest, political strategist and commentator Karl Rove. Rove enthusiastically endorsed Tiahrt's candidacy for the United States Senate from Kansas, one of only two such endorsements he said he is making.

Tiahrt, Moran vote ratings show slight difference

The campaign for the Republican Party nomination for the United States Senate from Kansas between Todd Tiahrt of Goddard and Jerry Moran of Hays is making national news. The issue is over who is the most conservative. A new article in U.S. News and Word Report states: "Both Tiahrt and Moran have portrayed themselves as fiscal conservatives, favoring lower taxes and less spending by the federal government."

Kansas News Digest

News from alternative media around Kansas for May 21, 2010.

Kansas news digest

News from alternative media around Kansas for March 5, 2010.

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