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The Obama tax cuts

Are the tax cuts President Obama takes credit for the type of tax cuts that promote economic growth?

The true size of the Obama stimulus

The Keynesian fiscal stimulus applied to the economy under President Barack Obama is much larger than most people think.

Kansas and Wichita quick takes: Friday September 9, 2011

Today: A citizen call to action; Troubles with Kansas City tax increment financing; Effects of stimulus on hiring; Kansas education summit; Why should conservatives like libertarian ideas?

Obama job plan not likely to help

President Obama's jobs plan is not likely to contain the ingredients necessary for economic growth and jobs.

Obama’s tax hikes must be resisted

As our nation's leaders consider the possibility of raising income tax rates, we need to be aware of the negative impact of higher marginal tax rates on the economy and make sure we resist the lure of higher taxes. This is especially important even if the new higher tax rates are confined to to the rich.

Obama’s spending stimulus failed

The spending stimulus plan of President Barack Obama has failed, and new research help us understand why.

Myth of Obama tax cuts

A comparison of the Bush and Obama tax cuts leads to understanding which is productive in producing economic growth.

The stimulus evidence one year on

Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported a piece that analyzes whether the Obama stimulus plan, after one year's time, can be judged a success. (See The Stimulus Evidence One Year On)

Robert J. Barro, who is professor of economics at Harvard University and a senior fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution, writes that the stimulus may be a good deal in the short run -- if the government spends on things that are truly worthwhile. As we've seen, that is not always the case.

Articles of interest

Education, health care, Kansas school funding, unintended consequences.

Stop spending our future

It's hard to comprehend the spending by the federal government over the last year. The numbers are so large, the spending programs announced so quickly, one after another, that sometimes we need to step back and take a look at the big picture. When we do, it's quite terrifying, especially when we realize that the Obama administration and Congress have several more large programs to pass.

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