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Posts tagged as “Social Security”

The Reagan legacy on spending

As time passes, it may be possible for widespread critical evaluation of Ronald Reagan, both the good things he did, and the bad.

Pompeo: No debt ceiling hike without structural changes

U.S. Representative Mike Pompeo, a Wichita Republican, said the country can't risk continuing to spend at the present rate. There should be no agreement to raise the debt ceiling absent structural changes, he added.

Social Security Trust Fund: Why no truth?

Regardless of one's attitude towards the Social Security system, the refusal by liberals to admit the fraud of the system's trust fund remains an obstacle to honest discussion of the system's future.

Kansas and Wichita quick takes: Monday June 27, 2011

Today: Huelskamp on spending as driving economic growth; No Wichita Pachyderm this week; Government spending secrets; Wichita city council; Wichita city budget input; Fracking facts.

Federal debt limit seen as test of resolve

Will raising the debt limit signal to markets what we want? Or will it signal an unwillingness to deal with tough decisions on spending and debt in the near term?

Kansas and Wichita quick takes: Monday May 16, 2011

Today: Wichita City Council this week; Wichita as art curator; Legislature fails to confront KPERS; Over 30 major news organizations linked to George Soros; Romney seen as candidate of business, not capitalism; Programs for elderly must be cut; Social Security seen as unwise, financially; Market development in Wichita.

Kansas and Wichita quick takes: Monday April 11, 2011

Today: Social security entitlement; New York Times may be offended; Kansas Legislature website; General Electric tax bill; sweet deal for big sugar; Williams on role of government.

Federal spending on autopilot

Together Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and interest on the debt presently consume about 48 percent of federal spending. But if nothing changes, these programs will grow to consume 90 percent of federal spending by 2084.

Charles G. Koch: Why Koch Industries is speaking out

In today's Wall Street Journal, Charles G. Koch, who is chairman of the board and CEO of Koch Industries, writes that economic freedom -- not government spending and intervention -- leads to prosperity and economic well-being for all, even for our poorest citizens.

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