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In Wichita, corporate welfare not needed, after all

Announcement of a new developer proceeding with a Save-A-Lot grocery store project -- without any of the subsidies Wichita approved -- raises questions as to whether the city's original offer of public assistance was genuine economic development, or just another instance of corporate welfare.

Wichita city council celebrates while others face cuts

It's reported that the City of Wichita is facing a $6.5 million shortfall. The city's looking at several ways to reduce costs, including closing police substations during the overnight hours ($148,000), reducing lawn mowing at parks ($100,000), and cutting back on swimming pool hours ($2,000).

Here's one simple thing the city could do to save money that won't cause very many people any pain at all: cut back on celebratory luncheons.

YMCA – Wichita conflict of interest

A local non-profit organization, held in high esteem, seeks to purchase property owned by the City of Wichita. So what's the problem?

“Thank You, Wichita Eagle”

Mustering all the sarcasm she can, Sharon Fearey says “Thank you, Wichita Eagle.” Speaking from the bench at the December 16, 2008 meeting of the…

Tiff over Wichita TIFs

A post titled Keeping TIFs from a public tiff by Wichita Eagle business reporter Bill Wilson on the Eagle’s Business Casual blog reveals his bias…

Government Art in Wichita

Do we really want government art in Wichita? David Boaz, in his recent book The Politics of Freedom: Taking on The Left, The Right and…

Let property rights rule Wichita smoking decisions

A system of absolute respect for private property rights is the best way to handle smoking, as it is with all issues. The owners of bars and restaurants have, and should continue to have, the absolute right to permit or deny smoking on their property.

Resurrecting urban renewal in Wichita?

On August 22, 2006, the City of Wichita hosted a Visioneering Committee "Public Forum on Community Revitalization" featuring Mr. Richard Baron, Chairman and CEO of McCormack Baron Salazar (MBS) of St. Louis, Missouri in the Sudermann Commons Room at the Wichita State University Hughes Metropolitan Complex. An August 14, 2006 letter from City Manager George Kolb explains, "This forum is part of the City's commitment to and participation in a prisoner reentry initiative to help transform not only the lives of returning ex-offenders, but also to transform the communities/neighborhoods into which they will return."

Local economic development in Wichita

There is an interesting academic paper titled "The Failures of Economic Development Incentives," published in Journal of the American Planning Association, and which can be read here: A few quotes from the study:

Given the weak effects of incentives on the location choices of businesses at the interstate level, state governments and their local governments in the aggregate probably lose far more revenue, by cutting taxes to firms that would have located in that state anyway than they gain from the few firms induced to change location.

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