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Quick takes

Kansas and Wichita quick takes: Tuesday March 29, 2011

Follow-up to Koch profile. A few pieces have provided amplification and commentary on the Weekly Standard profile of Charles and David Koch, notably Politico and Jennifer Rubin in The Washington Post. ... Has a secret conspiracy been uncovered by Politico? Groups identified as lined up against the Kochs include a non-profit group titled Brave New Films, Greenpeace, Public Citizen, Common Cause, Ruckus Society, AFSCME (an arm of AFL-CIO), Service Employees International Union, and Center for American Progress with its attack blog ThinkProgress. Asks Post's Rubin: "[a conspiracy] not of the Kochs but of the left-leaning groups that have mounted a campaign against them. ... In other words, groups that purport to be nonpartisan are actually involved in a coordinated effort to smear the Kochs."...
Quick takes

Kansas and Wichita quick takes: Monday December 27, 2010

This week at Wichita City Council. This week, as is the usual practice for the fourth Tuesday of each month, the agenda for the Wichita City Council features only consent items. These consent items are thought -- at least by someone -- to be of routine and non-controversial nature, and the council votes on them in bulk as a single item, unless a council member wishes to "pull" an item for discussion and possibly a separate vote. One such consent item is "Payment for Settlement of Claim -- Estate of Christopher Perkins." As Brent Wistrom reports in the Wichita Eagle's, Wichitopekington blog, "A police car en route to an emergency call smashed into a Saturn coup last December, killing the coup’s 30-year-old driver, Christopher Perkins. Perkins’ family filed a negligence claim, and, on Tuesda...
Kansas state government

SEIU calls for higher Kansas taxes

At last night's meeting of USD 259, the Wichita public school district, a local union leader described his union's efforts in its attempt to drum up support for tax increases in Kansas. Harold Schlechtweg, business representative of Service Employees International Union Local 513, told school board members how the union worked to get people to attend a meeting of the South-central Kansas Legislative Delegation last Saturday. He was specific to the point of reading to board members the slogans on the protest signs. He said the union used letters to all classified staff and telephone calls to recruit attendees to the meeting. He used students from the Education Department at Wichita State University to make telephone calls, he added. Schlechtweg has asked governments to boost taxes...

Michelle Malkin delivers conservative message in Wichita

Michelle Malkin in Wichita At a fundraising event for Kansas Secretary of State candidate Kris Kobach, conservative author, journalist, and columnist Michelle Malkin delivered a message that appealed to conservatives, although not necessarily the Republican establishment. Her most recent book is Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies. In endorsing his candidacy, Malkin praised Kobach as a conservative intellectual and a conservative activist. On the national level, Malkin said that there's a constant theme from the left: Don't tell the truth about Obama, you're a hater, you're a racist, you're divisive, you're an extremist. This narrative is designed to keep conservatives quiet. But ordinary American people are pushing back, she said, without...
Kansas state government

KPERS report sparks backlash from Wichita SEIU

Recently Kansas University professor Art Hall, along with a co-author, published a study explaining the funding crisis in KPERS, the Kansas Public Employee Retirement system. In summary, the report states: "The key finding of the study is that the KPERS system will not be in actuarial balance over the thirty year amortization period set in GASB standards. This means that KPERS will continue to accumulate unfunded liabilities for the foreseeable future. It is highly likely that KPERS will continue to impose a heavy tax burden on future generations." This finding has raised quite a protest from those who expect to receive a benefit from KPERS in retirement. It may be the school districts and teachers that are protesting the loudest. What's really strange is that they're protesting what ap...

Astroturf, union style

The American Left takes great delight in making accusations of "astroturfing." Meaning that nothing that conservatives or libertarians do, such as attending tea party protests or raising a ruckus at town hall meetings, is real. It's all driven from the top, the left says. I wonder: When a government employee labor union provides a service to an event, is that evidence of grassroots or astroturf? Here's what SEIU, the Service Employees International Union is providing at a gathering of leftist bloggers this week: "Each year Netroots Nation does lots of things to make sure you can follow along at home if you can't be here in person, and this year is no different. Watch the live stream of convention coverage, generously sponsored by SEIU." The source is We're doin' it live!
Health care

Sebelius takes cover in loving union arms

"Possibly to avoid any confrontation with concerned citizens who have read the proposed health care legislation in Congress, HHS Secretary Sebelius will hold a conference call on Friday with health care activists and SEIU members." SEIU -- that's the Service Employees International Union -- recently called for higher taxes in Wichita through Harold Schlechtweg, its local business representative. Now this union will provide a friendly audience for former Kansas governor, now Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius. Read more background at the Kansas Meadowlark post HHS Secretary Sebelius to use safe SEIU conference call for "myth busting." By the way, why does a union who, on its website promotes itself as "The Union for Kansas Public Employees," have a leader ...
Wichita city government

Wichita budget hearing reveals fundamental problem with government

At yesterday's public hearing regarding the City of Wichita budget, the attitude of Wichita's public employee union became clear: more tax revenue is needed. Speaking to the council, Harold Schlechtweg, business representative of Service Employees International Union Local 513 suggested that the city consider raising taxes by raising the mill levy (property taxes). "We don't believe taxes are too high in the City of Wichita," he said. This illustrates a fundamental problem of government: in order for the employees in Schlechtweg's union to be paid anything at all -- much less to receive a raise in pay -- the city must levy taxes. (The city collects some revenue in fees, but most revenue is taxes.) Furthermore, if the city is to levy taxes in order to provide services such as publi...
Wichita city government

Wichita parks system is not a jobs program

Harold Schlechtweg, business representative of Service Employees International Union Local 513 in Wichita, makes the case that Wichita needs to keep employing its present park maintenance staff, even though it appears there is a way to get the work done at a lower cost. (Cutting park jobs will hurt city, June 30, 2009 Wichita Eagle) The city has a responsibility to its citizens to operate as efficiently as possible. If it is possible to have work such as park maintenance done less expensively, the city should do so. It should have done so long ago. Schlechtweg says that if wages and benefits are cut, the community suffers. Let's remind him who pays the wages and benefits he's trying to protect: the taxpayers of the city of Wichita. If the city can reduce their taxes and provide the s...
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