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Posts tagged as “Sedgwick county government”

Karl Peterjohn is Sorely Needed in Sedgwick County

Wichita business leaders support Karl Peterjohn. The recent opposition by certain Wichita aircraft executives to Karl Peterjohn — a well-respected and strong candidate for Sedgwick…

Marcey Gregory Ad Fact Check

A recent advertisement by Sedgwick County Commission Candidate Marcey Gregory in the October 12, 2008 Wichita Eagle contained a few points that deserve comment and…

Are airlines pilots the best judge of airline economics?

I'm not positive about this, but I'm sure that the demand for air travel between Wichita and Oklahoma City is very low. Google maps tells me that the driving time from one city's downtown to the other is two hours and 30 minutes. The drive to a city's airport, arriving way early to make sure you get through security, combined with the flight time and the drive from the other city's airport to wherever your destination is -- this would take much more time than that. And what do you do for ground transportation? Renting a car takes time, too.

Campaigning for my Precinct Race

Two weeks ago, Kansas held its primary elections. As part of the primary, we elect precinct committeeman and committeewomen. It’s sort of confusing, as everyone…

Tiff over Wichita TIFs

A post titled Keeping TIFs from a public tiff by Wichita Eagle business reporter Bill Wilson on the Eagle’s Business Casual blog reveals his bias…

Bobby Rozzell’s Great Idea for Wichita Leaders

At the imaginatively-named Bobby Rozzell’s Blog the author has a suggestion for Wichita government. Here’s the idea: Some smart local leader is going to figure…

In Sedgwick County, New Technology vs. Old School

I was one of the two campaign co-managers for Karl Peterjohn’s successful campaign for the Republican nomination for Sedgwick County Commissioner, third district. As such…

Sedgwick County Taxpayer Relief?

This was received from a friend, and was also printed in the Wichita Eagle. The writer accuses the Sedgwick County Commission of doing something “questionable.”…

Wichita and Sedgwick County Candidate Websites

I’ve started a page that lists candidates for election in the Wichita and Sedgwick County area, containing links to candidate websites. It’s not quite finished,…

Wichita Eagle Voter Guide Responses

I am running for Republican precinct committeeman. The Wichita Eagle sent me a request to answer some questions to appear in a voter's guide. These are the questions asked (to the best of my recollection; I didn't record the text of the questions and now I can no longer log in to the system to see them) and my responses.

Wichita School District Economic Impact

In February 2008, Janet Harrah of the Center for Economic Development and Business Research at Wichita State University produced a report titled "Wichita Public Schools: Impact Analysis Operations Impact, Bond Impact and Success Measures." This report painted a glowing picture of the USD 259 (Wichita, Kansas public school district) bond issue in 2000. The district uses it to promote the success of the 2000 issue, and to promote the proposed bond issue that may be voted on sometime in 2008. The study may be viewed at the CEDBR website here.

Sedgwick County trash franchising: on the road to economic perdition

I received this letter to Sedgwick County (Kansas) Commissioner David Unruh "over the transom" and I thought it merited reading by the general public. The author speaks of the "road to economic perdition." I had to use the dictionary to refresh my memory of the exact meaning of the word "perdition." While that term seems at first to be a little strong, I believe that trash franchising, like a ban on smoking, is just the first step in the plans of our local government officials. If politicians and newspaper editorialists can convince us that we require the force of government to take care of something as simple as picking up the trash -- something that works very well already – it's an easy jump to the next level of control. So perdition seems appropriate.

Trash Franchising in Wichita and Sedgwick County

But what trash franchising does is to grant a monopoly to one (or sometimes a few) service providers for specific geographic areas. Under franchising, people living in an area will have either no choice, or perhaps limited choice, in choosing who picks up their trash. Rates will also be set by government.

The effect of this is that the profit motive for trash haulers is dramatically modified. Under franchising, trash companies have guaranteed customers paying mandated rates. What is the likely effect of this? I refer to Walter E. Williams, who said this: "Here’s Williams’ law: Whenever the profit incentive is missing, the probability that people’s wants can be safely ignored is the greatest."

No Recycling Mandates in Sedgwick County, Please

In some cases the price system tells us that recycling is a beneficial use of resources. About 75% of automobiles are recycled, and used cardboard is often recycled in commercial settings. That's because the price paid for these recycled items is high enough that, in these contexts, recycling can be profitable. That's the price system at work. It tells us that the best use of an old car is to recycle it, and the same goes for cardboard boxes at the grocery store.

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