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Posts tagged as “School choice”

Kansas school efficiency on display

When you hear that Kansas schools have "cut to the bone," or are operating at maximum efficiency, or have nowhere else to cut, or there's no need to audit school district efficiency, think of this.

What Kansas should do

As the Kansas Legislature struggles to end its 2013 session, it's important that we end in a way that positions Kansas for economic growth rather than retaining the policies that have led to stagnation compared to other states.

Kansas needs to focus on growth when wrapping up session

As the Kansas Legislature prepares to end its 2013 session, budgetary and taxation issues remain to be resolved. It's important that the legislature resolve these issues in a way that positions Kansas for economic growth, rather than retaining the policies that have led to stagnation compared to other states.

Kansas editorial writers aren’t helping

Recently it has become fashionable for newspapers to carry editorials bemoaning the current state of affairs in Kansas, contrasting the current regime to a tradition of moderation in Kansas governance.

Kansas school choice defeated

It appears that Kansas schoolchildren will need to wait another year to have the same freedom and opportunity that children in many states enjoy.

Wichita has school choice, they say

Wichita school superintendent John Allison told Wichitans something they probably didn't know: Parents of Wichita schoolchildren benefit from the district's school choice program.

Why don’t Kansas children have options?

School choice programs in some states are targeted at children with special needs, as in Oklahoma. But Kansas children have no choice.

Kansas parents lack power

Compared to other states, parents in Kansas have little power to exercise control over school decisions, according to the Center for Education Reform.

Kansas budget solution overlooked

As Kansas prepares for a legislative session that must find ways to balance a budget in the face of declining revenues, not all solutions are being considered.

Kansas Democrats wrong on school spending

While the Kansas Democratic Party apologized last week for misstating candidates' voting record on two mail pieces, the party and its candidates continue a campaign of misinformation regarding spending on Kansas public schools.

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