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Posts tagged as “Rod Bremby”

Earthjustice meddles in Kansas again

The radical environmentalist group Earthjustice is again meddling in Kansas energy policy. They've sent a "warning letter" to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

Another Misleading Question by GPACE

Yesterday we saw how the website of the Great Plains Alliance for Clean Energy contains a list of ten questions for Sunflower supporters. My post…

Kansas environmental policy is full of uncertainty

A dubious claim made in this editorial is how "Neither Bremby nor Gov. Kathleen Sebelius is 'out front' on this issue [carbon emissions]." Jackson claims that Bremby was just following an inevitable trend towards more regulation of carbon emissions. But this is in direct opposition to news reports at the time. The Washington Post, for example, reported "The Kansas Department of Health and Environment yesterday became the first government agency in the United States to cite carbon dioxide emissions as the reason for rejecting an air permit for a proposed coal-fired electricity generating plant, saying that the greenhouse gas threatens public health and the environment." (Power Plant Rejected Over Carbon Dioxide For First Time)

Earthjustice in Kansas: The Press Release

I’ve recently learned that the radical environmentalist group Earthjustice played a role in the rejection of a coal-fired power plant in Kansas. I didn’t learn…

Rod Bremby’s Action Drove Away the Refinery

In The Wichita Eagle (Roderick L. Bremby: Neufeld Disregards Truth About Air Permits, May 17, 2008) the Secretary of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment takes issue with Kansas House Speaker Melvin Neufeld, a Republican from Ingalls. The point of contention is that Neufeld claims that if not for Bremby, Kansas might have landed a large oil refinery. Bremby disagrees with Neufeld's assertion that Bremby's actions have created "regulatory uncertainty" in Kansas.

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