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Recycling debate short on reason

Responses to a news story on recycling indicate that the issue is driven more by emotion and misinformation than reason.

If this is recycling profit, let’s skip it

A letter-writer to the Wichita Eagle states "In Washington state, we participate in a nearly effortless, profitable and environmentally important recycling program."

A paragraph later she writes "The cost of recycling is $5 a month on our refuse bill."

I don't know: Do these statements contradict each other?

Sedgwick County solid waste fee criticized

Today's by Rhonda Holman is a two-fer. Two issues for the price of one column, and two issues she's wrong on.

She criticizes Commissioner Karl Peterjohn and Board Chairman Kelly Parks for the opposition of a solid waste management fee that would add a relatively small amount to property tax bills.

Wichita Eagle letter: coal and recycling

A letter in the Wichita Eagle by a Mr. Steve Otto of Wichita (March 16, 2009) makes a few claims that require critical examination.

The letter claims that "the rest of the nation is staying away from coal-burning plants." Actual figures present a different story.

No Recycling Mandates in Sedgwick County, Please

In some cases the price system tells us that recycling is a beneficial use of resources. About 75% of automobiles are recycled, and used cardboard is often recycled in commercial settings. That's because the price paid for these recycled items is high enough that, in these contexts, recycling can be profitable. That's the price system at work. It tells us that the best use of an old car is to recycle it, and the same goes for cardboard boxes at the grocery store.

Recycle, if you wish

Should we in Wichita or Sedgwick County be forced to recycle?

Prices for commodities and goods represent the best available information about the worth of them -- that is, unless the government is manipulating prices. The prices people are willing to pay for recycled goods, therefore, tell us everything we need to know about their worth. These prices tell us that there isn't much worth in most recycled goods.

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