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Posts tagged as “Progressives”

Decoding Duane Goossen

The writing of Duane Goossen, a former Kansas budget director, requires decoding and explanation. This time, his vehicle is "Rise Up, Kansas."

The purpose of high tax rates

The purpose of high taxes on the rich is not to get the rich to pay money, it's to get the middle class to feel better about paying high taxes.

Labor unions have harmed our standard of living

labor unions reduce the supply and productivity of labor and so reduce the supply and raise the prices of the goods and services their members help to produce, thereby reducing real wages throughout the economic system, writes George Reisman.

CBPP misleading Kansans on revenue

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities is spreading false information about State of Kansas revenues.

Inside the progressive mindset

What's astonishing is that there are those who believe that American journalism has been controlled or influenced to any significant degree by conservatives, or ruined by conservatives.

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