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Wichita City Council Member Pete Meitzner

Meitzner clarifies: I’m not opposed

Wichita City Council Member Pete Meitzner clarifies his remarks, saying he supports public debate and discourse.

Wichita City Council sets hotel tax election date

Discussion of setting an election date provided another example reinforcing the realization that Wichita has a city council -- with the exception of one member -- that is entirely captured by special interests.

At Wichita City Council, facts are in dispute

Some Wichita City Council members, including Mayor Carl Brewer, criticize citizens for their use of inaccurate and misleading information. So how do the statements made by council members fare when subjected to scrutiny?

In Wichita, private tax policy on the rise

In a free society with a limited government, taxation should be restricted to being a way for government to raise funds to pay for services that all people benefit from. But in the city of Wichita, private tax policy is overtaking our city.

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