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DeGraaf releases endorsements for Kansas offices

Kansas State Representative Pete DeGraaf has released his personal endorsements for Kansas statewide races and for races around the Wichita area. DeGraaf is completing his first full term representing District 81 (Mulvane, Belle Plain, Clearwater, and surrounding areas) in the Kansas House. His most important committee assignment is Appropriations. DeGraaf earns high marks on legislative ratings that reward conservative voting records, so voters looking for conservative candidates to support will want to consider his recommendations. DeGraaf notes that this list is not inclusive, but focuses on those candidates who have primary election contests. He also said in his message that "Primaries are critical to getting the right people in office. People that I feel will provide the best...
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Resolution seeks to clarify role of Kansas courts, legislature

Kansas House of Representatives member Pete DeGraaf, a Republican from Mulvane, will soon introduce a resolution "concerning the expenditure of public moneys to finance certain litigation against the Legislature or the State of Kansas." Dick Kelsey will introduce the resolution in the Kansas Senate. Language in the resolution clarifies the role and purpose of both courts and legislatures, noting that "Courts are concerned only with the legislative power to enact statutes and appropriate money, not with the wisdom behind those enactments or appropriations." The resolution also recognizes "The determination of the amounts, sources and objectives of expenditures of public moneys, especially at the state level, presents issues of enormous practical and political complexity, and resolutio...
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DeGraaf delivers update on Kansas budget, other matters

Last Friday Kansas State Representative Pete DeGraaf, a Republican from Mulvane, updated members and guests of the Wichita Pachyderm Club on the status of the Kansas budget and other legislative matters. He appeared with Representative Don Myers, a Republican from Derby. DeGraaf was appointed to the legislature at the end of the 2008 session to fill the vacancy created when Ted Powers died. DeGraaf was elected to a full term in November 2008. He serves on the important House Appropriations Committee. "Americans are awaking up, and they're not liking the shift to the left," DeGraaf told the audience. Even in Washington, politicians are recognizing that people are upset. Locally, he said that the budgetary problems in Kansas provide an opportunity to cut government, "not only in scope, b...
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Kansas legislative duo to update Pachyderms

Kansas Representatives Don Myers (Republican from Derby) and Pete DeGraaf (Republican from Mulvane) will jointly present "An update on the financial status of Kansas" at the Wichita Pachyderm Club on Friday December 11. All are welcome to attend Pachyderm club meetings. The program costs $10, which includes a delicious buffet lunch including salad, soup, two main dishes, and ice tea and coffee. The meeting starts at 11:45 am. The Wichita Petroleum Club is on the ninth floor of the Bank of America Building at 100 N. Broadway (north side of Douglas between Topeka and Broadway) in Wichita, Kansas (click for a map and directions). Park in the garage just across Broadway and use the sky walk to enter the Bank of America building. Bring your parking garage ticket to be stamped and your par...
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