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Kansans vote for and against Ryan-Murray budget

U.S. Representatives from Kansas split on voting for the budget bill produced by Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Patty Murray. Lynn Jenkins and Kevin Yoder voted in favor, while Mike Pompeo and Tim Huelskamp voted against the bill. It passed 332 to 94.

Pompeo at Pachyderm on economy, budget

U. S. Representative Mike Pompeo of Wichita addressed members and guests of the Wichita Pachyderm Club, with members interested in the economy and budget issues.

Kansas and Wichita quick takes: Thursday May 19, 2011

Today: Kansas growth clusters; Obamacare waivers go to Pelosi district; SRS chief to speak in Wichita; Kansas welfare money gets around; Kansas Bioscience Authority contract; Medicare reform explained.

Federal spending on autopilot

Together Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and interest on the debt presently consume about 48 percent of federal spending. But if nothing changes, these programs will grow to consume 90 percent of federal spending by 2084.

Goyle on Social Security protection

Raj Goyle, candidate for U.S. Congress from Kansas, pledges to protect Social Security from changes, including partial privatization and increases in the retirement age. On his campaign website, he says we must work in a "bipartisan, responsible way to adjust Social Security to ensure its long-term stability." Goyle's website doesn't say this, but the only way to make these adjustments is to increases taxes or the deficit -- which pushes taxation off to the future.

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